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Wow It’s Been A While!!

Its been months since I’ve even looked at this blog let alone type anything! I needed some time out to re-group and also deal with with the issues that I have been having with my back. So after a lot of thought and encouragement from other bloggers I have decided to once again pick up my keyboard and have a go! But this time I am blogging what I want and not what I feel that I should. Get outside my own head and just go for it and if people don’t like it then I am no longer going to loose sleep over it. I am still completely obsessed with all things to do with nails and I am gaining confidence sharing my make up attempts so you can look forward to sharing that too. Now that I am over 30, skin care is a new concern. I’d like not too look my age until I absoultyy have too!! I haven’t been completely out of the game however! I have been regularly on my Instagram, well as regularly as I can that is! I’d love to see some of you guys over there and say Hi! So that’s all I can think of …

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