Friday, 24 March 2017

PS... Strong Nails Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a masssive part of my nail care routine and my all time fav used to be CND Solar Oil. It has an amazing smell and absorbs super quick, but it is a tad on the expensive side! So while I was in Primark a few weeks back I came across this one!

PS... Strong Nails is only £1 for 10mls (0.33 US FlOz) and if I am honest I wasnt expecting too much from this. It was mainly going to be a back up for when I ran out of Solar Oil, but I have been majorly proved wrong!! (I love it when a product does this!)

It doesn't have a smell as such but it , like Solar Oil, does absorb very quickly and doesn't have a greasy feel like some other cheaper oils that I have tried. I have noticed a dramatic change in not only the health and suppleness of my cuticles but it has kept true to it's word and has made my nails a lot stronger! Not to the point where they are brittle to the touch but they have a healthy look, feel and flexibility that they have never had before. Since I started using it I have had no major breaks (now Ive said that Ill be down to nubbins before you reach the end of this post!!)

Like I mentioned before it is only £1 and more than a match for the big boys out there! The next time I'm in Primark I will be stocking up on it (Sorry CND!)


Monday, 6 March 2017

Nice to be back 💗

Well guys and dolls I have returned from the depth of a pretty low time and Im back to bug your happiness! Things have not been easy of late but someone reminded me that there is no life without hope and I intend of living again!!

If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram then you are up to date with what has been going on and also that I have still been doing anything and everything with my nails that I can! Im not going to go into details but I am still waiting to hear about my operation and I'll leave it at that.

As far as nails go, I have been sporting a long almond shape and loving it. I have also been raiding my collections and may have made a few purchases too! (Ill have another post up about what I have been buying!)

I have also been using a new way of whitening my teeth. I have been using a activated charcoal and having some fab results but its still a work in progress and once I have been using it a bit longer Ill let you all know my finding. 

So as you can see I may not have been blogging but I still have a strong passion for all things nails and beauty and now that my mind is in a better place I'm going to start coming back into the world!

Keep em peeled