Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What's in My Manicure Bag???

Any nail addict will have a set of manicure tools they hold very dear to their hearts and I am no exception!

Before I collected all my stuff into one pretty pink bag, it would take me ages to rummage through my stuff to find everything I needed as organisation is not my thing but now it's easy peasy!!

So there are 9 things that I consider are essential to keeping my nails in tip top condition and here they are.

Base & Top Coat : At the moment I am using OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base coat and it's really keeping my nails long and strong. For top coat I bought a set of 6 from a company called Beauty 4 Britain. I didn't hold out much hope but it's actually better than I thought,  nice and shiny and dries really quickly 

Cuticle Pusher: I have 2 of these one metal one and an orange wood stick. I use the orange wood stick to keep everything neat and tidy in between polish changes. The metal one is for when I use my CND CuticleAway to do a proper manicure which I do once a week.

Glass Nail File: I only got this a few months back and I adore it! It is easier on the nail plate and I have been able to keep my nails from splits and flaking since I've been using it so highly recommend getting yourself one of those!!

Cuticle Nippers: Purely for nipping off loose bits of skin that pop up with doing a full manicure. It can be tempting to over do it but you're in for a world of pain if you do!! So you have been warned!!

Nail Polish Thinner: If you read my post Crimes Against Nail Polish, you'll already be aware that this stuff is the only thing to use if you have a gloopy polish so I buy an big bottle and decant into this little one for ease use!

Clean Up Brush: Come on no ones perfect so this is for the times I take my eye off the ball!!

Polish Bottle Holder: I love this thing!! The shape of the top means that it will hold almost any shape of bottle (my top coat one doesn't fit! Typical!) and then when you're ready to swap hands you just squeeze the 2 tabs above the ring section and I pop off straight up! Not messing up your nails at all!!

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: I've spoken about this before in my March Favourites and Im still stuck to it like glue! It has a wonderfully fresh lemon smell and keeps my cuticle nice and soft! LOVE IT!!

So there you have it all the things that I consider to be essential to keeping my nails in tip top condition and if I dare say it I haven't had a breakage since I've been using this routinely (now I've said that they are going to snap one by one!!)

Don't forget I regularly post on my Instagram and I've been using there new 24 hour video feature to sort of vlog so you can keep up to date on there!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi X