Friday, 8 July 2016

Happy To Be Back!!!!!!

As you may or may not have noticed there has been a massive gap between this post as the last about not being on here as much as most bloggers but after reading that post back I realised a few things.

I had a recent appointment with my pain consultant and he wasn't the bearer of good news that I hoped. He told me that I only had a 60% chance of being completely pain free in the next 3-4 years, so needless to say that was a kick in the metaphorical nuts! 

This shook me to the core and took my confidence completely. I mean who would want to hear from a disabled 29 year old mother of 2 when there are so many beautifully talented beauty bloggers out there who can review products regularly and do some breath taking photography. But it came to me a few days ago that this is my little part of the Internet and I shouldn't compare myself to others. 

So as you can see there have been a few changes around here. I'm still really passionate about nails, so Nailpixi is going to stay, but I also going to be blogging about make up things I have been learnings (some of my looks in the pic below) and keeping you posted on the progress I'm making with my recovery.

I'm not going to stress about stats or PR contacts I'm going to take a what will be will be approach. I started this blog to distract me from my real life but I think that accepting things and writing things down is going to help me process the situation! 

So there you have it Nailpixi is changing and you are very welcome to come along for the ride it's going to be an interesting one I can feel it!!

Love ya