Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Long Time No Post!!!!

Well it's definitely been quiet round here of late but I do have a valid excuse HONEST :)

If you have read the post (I am Disabled) you will already know the history of my back problem (if not pop back via the link I'll just wait here!) things have been getting worse instead of better, a lot worse! Thankfully (after 27 MONTHS I might add) my doctors are really getting their teeth into the root of the problem. I am currently waiting for a new set of MRI results to decide what happens next. I post a lot on Twitter about it so be sure to follow me for regular up dates.

I have been a bit of a hermit for ages now due to the pain. Sitting and standing are really painful so typing up posts or taking pics for them just haven't been possible. Also my mental health has suffered causing my depression to deepen, but that dark cloud is beginning to lift and life doesn't seem so non-existent! 

One advantage is that I have been naughty and done a little bit of online shopping, so their will be haul/review posts up soon.

So that's about it really. Just felt that I should explain what's been going on and I've not given up on you all! Don't forget that you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for make up looks and nail art pics!!

Lots of love
Nailpixi X