Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hair Care Routine

When it came to looking after my hair, it wasn't until I started reading blogs and doing my own research that I realised just how important looking after my hair was! Before then I was awful! Bleaching, dying, heated tool, no heat protectant you name it I was doing it and was always complaining that my hair was thin and lacked shine and just look done in! No bloody wonder the torture it had been through, I'm surprised I had any left!, but now I am more informed and I think (hope) my hair has forgiven me! So here's what I now do!

Firstly lets start with the basics, shampoo and conditioner. Like most of you, I have tried many different brands over the years, but the one that I have been using now for more than 9 months is Loreal Fibrology. I first bought this stuff just to see if it lived up to the claims on the bottle as I did have fine hair lacking in volume. After I had finished the first bottles I was truly amazed. My hair had thickness that it had never had before and overall my hair just felt healthier. This has continued  bottle after bottle, so I highly recommend it for thin, fine hair. Once a month I mix in about a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with the shampoo and focus on my scalp. This removes product build up but also can be drying so hence why I only do it once a month. No one likes snow on their shoulders!!
 Once out of the shower, I carefully squeeze any excess water out of my hair and wrap it in a very loose towel turban which I take out once I am dressed to let it air dry. Before I comb it through with my Toni & Guy wide toothed comb I run a small amount of coconut oil through the ends. This help to hydrate and repair my ends and smooths the appearance of slit ends. I have only just started doing this and already I am surprised how much healthier the ends look even it I have been using my curling wand!

Now my hair is longer it take twice the time to dry, so I tend to faf about a bit till my hair is a bit drier to save my arms a bit!! I use KMS California ColourVitality as a heat & colour protectant. It is a light cream product so it doesn't weigh down your hair. I'm now ready to dry! My hairdryer of choice is the Babyliss Turbo Power 2200. It is amazing I have had this same one for about 8 years and I'm in now hurry to change it. It gives me just the amount of heat I was and it also has a turbo and cooling switch that are just wear you hold it so it really convenient. I use a defuser so I can keep & direct the heat where I want it. Also I use a combination of 2 round brushes, the larger one for volume at the roots and the smaller one to straighten.

So there you go, that's how I take care of my now luscious locks. I am on a journey to look after it better and keep it looking as well as I feel it looks now, but in saying that I am booking in for a redo of my highlights shortly but a girls gotta look good!!!

Love ya 
Nailpixi x