Saturday, 27 February 2016

Crowd Colour Base Palette

There is one thing that a girl can never have enough of and that is room for more make up! Beauty Crowd Pro were inviting people to come forward to have a Crown Colour Base Palette customised and I was beyond shocked when I received a DM on Twitter saying that they would love to work with me! Me, little old me! I could reply quick enough I was so excited!

The hardest part of this whole process was deciding what I would have put on the lid. They said that I could have basically anything. Any background, lettering, a picture so it took a bit of time to decide. I finally settled on the phrase " You are Beautiful" on a plain white background in cursive lettering. I chose this so that whenever I look at my dressing table I would be reminded that we are all beautiful with and without makeup and I found that very empowering. I got a mock up picture sent and loved it and they said they would be in touch again once it was ready to ship.

I got a tweet not long after showing mine and the other palettes that were ready for shipping and I was blown away by not only mine, but the creativity of the others! The countdown was on till I was going to get my paws on it!! 

The palette is the medium size that they make and this will hold 15 eyeshadow pans on the magnetic base and also has a strong magnetic close. It is made from a very high quality card and is wipeable and splash proof. I gave the palette a really good shake with a blush pan inside and it neither opened or the pan moved so this makes it ideal for travelling. The lettering in embossed onto the lid and very professionally done. The added bonus (as if it was fantastic enough already!) is the massive mirror on the inside of the lid. It almost covers the entire inside of the lid and looks to me to be slightly magnified, being a glasses wearer I was able to see what I was doing without having it hanging off the end of my nose!! 

The palette I received retails for £14 from Crowd Colour and they also have small and large sized palettes. They are all customisable and if you are struggling to decide what you want on it they have a range of pre-designed patterns you can choose from.

They are more than worth the money and a great way to brighten up your makeup storage or even use it for organisation! I'm in love with mine have been depotting like mad since it arrived!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x 

This was a PR sample sent to me. This post is in no way sponsored.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Nail Polish Remover Clips?!?!

If you are a frequent wearer of glitter polish or very layered nail art, you will know the pain that comes with removing it! Getting out the kitchen foil, tearing apart the cotton wool and then the really tricky part of precariously wrapping each nail, which is beyond tricky on your non dominant hand. This process really did put me off from wearing glitter but no more!! I have discovered a product  which has opened up my glitter polish world again!!

They are nail polish remover clips! Yes I did say clips but bear with me the picture will make it clearer! I first seen them on the facebook page Nail Addicts and I was instantly on Amazon searching and finally purchasing these clips for £1.67 with free postage. They did take a little while to arrive as they came from China (now I always check where its coming from before buying!!)

Now as you can see they do look very odd, but I tried them out for the first time the other night and I was over the moon. I used them by placing the polish remover soaked cotton wool on my nail, then placed the clip over top and let it there for the same amount of time I would if I had been using foil. What really impressed me was that they were very easy to apply to my right hand even with the clips on my left which isn't the case when I have foils on! Then I removed the clips and slide off the cotton wool and the polish was removed perfectly.

I was dubious whether they would let the cotton wool dry out, but the cotton was just as saturated as it was at the beginning. I was using acetone based removed and it didn't damage the clips at all, which was a worry too. I'm in love with these clips and wearing glitter polish removal will no longer be the pain in the ass it once was! So go buy and love them!!! Ill be doing a video on my You Tube channel demonstrating them properly so keep and eye on my twitter feed for that!!

Love ya
Nailpixi x