Monday, 30 November 2015

Baylis & Harding La Maison 6 pce Gift Set

I was given the most fantastic opportunity from Beauty at Tesco to review this gift set from Baylis & Harding and now I'm sharing my thoughts with you.

Firstly, I have to apologise for not having a picture of the set in its packaging as my hubby was having a clear out and didn't realise that I wanted to keep it. It was a beautiful muted grey box with a magnetic closing so it was really designed to be re-used (thanks darling!) but you can see a picture of it here.

The contents are just as beautiful and was all scented with white linen & cassis, this is a clean, fresh and delicate and most of all not over powering in any of the products. The products are a Foaming Bath & Shower creme, Reviving Shower Gel, Refreshing Body Cleanser, Hand cream and 2 Massaging Body Balms.

Foaming Bath & Shower Creme: The scent permeated the whole bathroom as soon as it touched the water and gave the water a luxurious feel, but a few more bubbles wouldn't have gone a miss.

Reviving Shower Gel: This foamed up lovely on my body puff and left my skin silky & scented.

Refreshing Body Cleanser: This is a very gentle exfoliator. It leaves the skin feeling very clean but not over dry and like it had been scrubbed into an inch of its life. I loved this product for that.

Handcream: As a nail addict I delved right into this one as soon as the set arrived. It is a very light cream and left the hands very soft and silky.

Massaging Body Balm: This was my favourite product in the whole set! A little of this amazing balm goes a long way. It adsorbs very quickly meaning that you can dress once your finished applying it. The balm leaves you skin feeling silky and that feeling stays until you next shower.

Overall this set is fantastic buy and I will defiantly be re-purchasing especially now that it is half price on Tesco online. So whether its a sneaky treat for you while doing the weekly shop or if your stuck for a gift this set is most defiantly a winner!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x   

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Little Life Update!

Isn't it always the way, you think that things are finally starting to settle in your life and then a bomb goes off and its all back up in the air, or flat on my back in my case!!

I have been struggling with a back issue for over a year now, but it was ticking away in the background. I do have to walk using crutches, due to damage being done to my sciatic nerve but life was getting back on track. I was in a better place mentally about the prognosis and also physically the pain was getting better managed. I was getting out of the trackies, that had become like a uniform, and making an effort hair make up the works! Life was feeling like normal again until Sunday 15th November everything changed.

It was like any normal day, pain was a little more than normal but nothing I couldn't handle.. Gradually during the day things went south drastically! I was getting up for tea with my family, I made it through to the kitchen slowly and sat to begin eating. All of a sudden I began to feel a lot of pain in my back and my eyesight was going funny, next thing I know I was on the kitchen floor, kids screaming and husband racing round! I had passed out because of the pain and been out for a little longer than my husband was comfortable with so rang for an ambulance. They were amazing, they got here really quickly and there were 5 of them! 4 of them were dealing with me and one amazing guy called Ian took the time to talk to my kids and explain , in terms they could understand, what was happening to mummy and reassuring them that everything was going to be fine. I can thank that man enough for what he did, he went above and beyond what was expected of him and my kids were no longer as scared of what was going on.

So three days of tests and resting later and I was finally discharged and reassured that the lumber degenerative disease (click here to see what that is) had gotten any worse but my pain medication needed re-adjusted and my request for physiotherapy needed to be speeded up. I was so relieved that nothing had really changed. Since getting home I have been even more wrapped up in cotton wool by my amazing husband and pretty spaced out with the new pain meds so posts will be a bit more sporadic but normal scheduling will resume shortly!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi xx

Friday, 13 November 2015

Yellow & Black Make up Look

So, today, in the UK it is Children In Need. This is a day where people all over the UK do tremendous things and silly things too, to raise money for charities across the UK that help children & families going through tough times. Their mascot, Pudsey Bear, inspired my make up look for today!


Products Used
Foundations : Illamasqua Skin base & Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
Concealer: Mac 
Eyeshadows:  Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk Yellow (120 eyeshadow pallet from eBay)  Black Tied by Mac
Eyeliner: Black Track Fluidline and Mac smoulder on tightline
Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Ultra Noir & Estee Lauder Double Wear
Contour: Benefit 10 powder
Blush: Mac Dollymix sheertone
Highlight: Avon Contour & colour in Rose gold (champagne tone)
Lipstick: Mac Myth

Most of these products I use in my everyday makeup routine but spiced it up today and I'm really pleased with how it turned out with my techniques are sharpening everyday. You never know might make a make up artist yet!!

Love Ya

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Acne Attack Update!

So, my lovelies, it has been a couple of weeks I have been totally committed to my new skin care regime so I thought a little update was in order.

I am rapidly approaching the nightmare time of month where my skin goes into overdrive! Yes darlings its PMS time and for anyone with oily skin this usual means that face demons are imminent! I have to be extra vigilant with skin care at the mo and make sure that I'm a good girl and cleanse twice daily!

So far, there has been a few little monkeys that have tried to pop up, but I have staved off a full blow attack! I have also added in a new eye make up remover. I felt that the wipes I was using were too harsh for my sensitive peepers, so I invested in Garnia Micillar Water. Only used it for the first time last night but my eyes were defiantly grateful!! Ill keep you posted on how it continues to work.

I have found that skin care, especially with problematic skin, is more of a marathon than a race  and there will be bumps (or spots) along the way. Stick with it and don't give up and remember I'm on this journey too and here when you need me!

Love ya
Nailpixi xx  

Monday, 9 November 2015

Changing Your Nail Shape

I have never changed my nail shape other than once where I applies almond tips for halloween last year but I have been rocking a square nail for years and it was time for a change!!

Being a nail addict, changing your nail shape is probably one of the most scary things (other than a break!!) but if I can do it then so can you!

Firstly you'll need your weapons of choice. If you are taking a lot of nail away then start with your lowest grit file. The one I used was a 180/180 to remove the corners and map out the basic shape. Then work up trough the grits till you reach a white block or buffing block smoothing out your new shape.

Changing from square to almond,, and if it is the first time you have ever made such a change I have a few tips that I used that will help. Firstly, find the centre of the end of your nail and place a dot with a sharpie pen or similar. You can use a ruler or something with a straight edge to find it. This is probably the most important step as you don't want wonky points!!

Next, if you are still feeling a tad nervous, draw out your intended shape with the same pen and gently does it your ready to go! Take it down bit by bit so that you don't over file and ruin all your hard work! 

Voila!! You have a brand new nail shape and a whole new range of nail art opportunities! Below is how mine turned out and the latest nail art I've done. Keep up to date with my me and my new nails on Twitter and Instagram and use #nailpixi so I can see yours!

Love ya
Nailpixi x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Everyday Make up Routine

Make up has a power all of its own! Thousands of women apply is everyday without even thinking of what it can do. 

For me, make up is my defence against the world, my mask to hide behind when my mind is acting up. So what do I wear in defence every day????

Having oily skin, a good foundation is a must. At the moment I am in love with my Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream in light (embrace the paleness!) It blends beautifully and gives me just the right amount of coverage I like. Next is dealing with the face demons!! I have used Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Ivory. Works really well for under eye bags and also lasts really well. After all that I set it with Mac Mineralised Skin Finish in Light. Powder is very important when you have oily skin or all your hard work will just slide off your face!!

Eye make up varies depending on what mood Im in! Hell the other day I wore green shadow for the first time just for the sake of it!! But generally I go for Mac Naked Lunch all over the lid with either Satin Taupe or concrete in the crease just lightly smoked out. If time isn't an issue I will add a flicked out liner using Mac Blacktrac Fluidline, love this stuff as it doesn't dry too quick so makes it a lot more easy to work with. For eyebrows I use a HD Brow Palette and mix the blonde shade with the light ash brown as this suits my colourings. 

Cheeks are always the same on a daily basis. I use Mac (im seeing a mac related theme here but its not on purpose I promise!) Sheertone Blush in DollyMix and for a highlighter I use Avon Contour & Glow in Rose glow, normally the champagne colour.  Lips is something that I do change up from either Mac Creme de Nude all the way to Lady Danger and all shades in between! Lipstick to me is like my nails and a fab way to add a safe pop of colour to your look!


I love playing with make up and my confidence is building more and more bit like with blogging!! I'm actually considering taking a course to become a make up artist so keep em peeled on twitter and here as to how I get on! Just dont forget it doesn't matter what people think about your look if it makes you feel happy and confident then thats all that matters!

Love ya