Friday, 30 October 2015

Broken Nail?? No Problem!!

Your worst nightmare has just happened. Those nails that you have been taking such good care of has let you down and BROKE!! But don't panic all is not lost with a few simple steps harmony will be restored.

Firstly, if it is a complete break then there isn't much you can do I'm afraid take your file out and do what you must. If, however the break only crossed part of the nail then you are in luck as there is a salvation. All you need are a few things that any nail addict or indeed anyone might have.
If the break occurs when you are wearing polish then you will have to very carefully remove the polish. This may sting if the break is near the nail bed but it will be worth it. Once the nail is completely clear assess the damage. Next you are going to need nail glue and a teabag! Yes a teabag I havent lost my mind honest (although some of my close friends might disagree!) 

Cut the teabag so that it is longer and wider than the break, this will provide added strength to the repair. Line up the break and a glue to the length of it. With a pair of tweezers (nail glue will stick your fingers together!) place the strip of teabag over the break. Smooth out the glue & teabag with the tweezers and if required add a little bit more glue to ensure it is completely saturated.

Once this has completely dried, take a white block buffer or whatever kind of buffer you have to smooth out the edges. Be careful not to buff to heavily over the break itself as you will effect the strength of the repair. Pop on your base coat of choice and your done! Ready for the next masterpiece! 

And there you have it your precious nails are back to their beautiful selves! The repair will require replacing over time and keep it there until the break has naturally grown out. 

Love Ya
Nailpixi x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Adult Acne Attack Force!

Being on a budget (like me) doesn't mean that you can't attack your acne full on. There are hundreds of cheaper products out there who are more than a match for the big boys and whats more some of them you can pick up during your weekly shop!!

Sebum (the oil your pores produce) is your best friend and your worst enemy. Getting the balance between the two is the key to clearer skin, Having oily skin, you may be inclined to strip it all off but this will only send your pores into overdrive producing extra oil to make up for it and the cycle continues. Gentle cleansing and ever oil products can help you achieve the balance you desire.

First step in the attack is cleansing. To remove my make up I use Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanse and Tone. To further wash my face I use Tesco Daily Facial Wash and once a week I use their Exfoliating Face Wash. I find that if I exfoliate more than this it causes too much irritation and then the face demons make an appearance!!

Sometimes what I'm too tired I just use the Nivea cleanser then I use my Deep Cleansing wipes that I got for Poundworld! These bad boys contain Gylcolic Acid, this is from a group called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). This stuff is your main line infantry against breakouts. It is easily absorbed into the skin, gently exfoliating it, dissolving sebum and reducing the frequency of breakouts and takes care of the scars from previous breakouts.

After all that moisturising is very important. Lack of moisture added to the skin after cleansing with kick the oil glands into overdrive ruining all your hard work. During the day I use Tesco Softening Daily Moisturiser with cucumber & vitamin E both work against acne scaring. It is light and non greasy and a perfect base for applying make up. At night I use an Argan Oil night serum (see my review here) and then its time for my Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. It is gloriously thick and in the morning my skin is fully repaired and ready for the day.

As you can see dealing with oily acne prone skin is challenging. When you start a new skin care regime, you wont see results over night. The average turn over of facial skin cells is 6 weeks, so stick with and the results will be worth the wait!

Love Ya

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Time for Change

I have mentioned in the past that I am recovering from a semi serious back injury. I have a disc in my lower back that is collapsing on itself but on the way down it has caused damage to my sciatic nerve on my left side, leaving me on crutches as my leg is badly weakened. This kind of stopped my life in its tracks. Pain became the only thing I could be sure of and feeling sick from all the medications I had to take.

Now 12 months on, I am finally officially beginning my recovery programme. I have found a GP who is taking seriously what I am feeling and giving me the correct meds and also the correct physio and exercise to be able to walk unaided! For the first time in months I can actually see a future with no pain and no bloody crutches!!

Today I came to a realisation. I don't have to give into the injury and the pain, I can still be myself do my make up and my hair! Today is the day where I take hold again and stop hiding behind and start showing the big bad world who I really am.

For years I only put on my face and do my hair if I was going somewhere, but no more I am going to start doing it for me, no one else just me and if you dont like it them do one!

There is no real reason for this post but I just had to share my story with you guys in the hope that maybe one person out there struggling with anything can see that you do still exist behind all the conditions and problems the beautiful person inside is still there all you have to do is dig deep, look hard inside and youll be amazed just how strong you really are.

Love Ya
Nailpixi xx  

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Adult Acne. An Ongoing Saga!

I was extremely lucky as a teenager and the dreaded acne never struck. I was able to use all matter of skin care and make up without a care but as I entered my 20's this was all to change.

It all kicked off when I fell pregnant with my first daughter and it was all down hill from there! Most women experience an improvement in their skin whilst pregnant, hence the term "Oh your glowing!", but oh no not me! Pregnancy was a real trying time for me. I had horrible morning sickness and I think that this took so much out of me that my skin was the one to suffer.

I was left with clogged pores, cystic spots and marked skin that I still have to this day, and my eldest daughter is now 8!, and the search for that holy grail product goes on. I have tried all sorts of lotions and potions to try and remedy my skin issues, but after 8 years of searching I am still lost in oil!

Recently I decided to research about why oily skin occurs and I was taken a back that the thing I have been doing over the years may be actually making the situation worse! Oily skin is just as delicate as dry or sensitive skin and needs to be treated accordingly. I had been scrubbing and using heavy duty astringents to try and clear the oil but this only results in more oil being produced to replace what you have stripped off!

This has made me completely change my skin care routine. I no longer scrub & peel my skin and have started to use products that are not necessarily marketed for people like me. I do still use a face wipe (yes I use wipes!!) that is made for spot prone skin, but afterwards I don't use any astringents and go straight to moisturiser.

I am slowly beginning to see a benefit of this regime and I have only been using it for a few weeks, so once I am 100% sure that this is going to continue working I will post about what products I have been using and they don't cost the earth! So until then I'm keeping everything crossed!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Models Own Twilight Hypergel Collection

Models Own have done it again and released a collection that is bang on trend for AW15 and best of all they have made them with the Hyper Gel formulation, which is by far their most amazing polishes ever giving a high shine finish with no need for a UV light

There are 13 colours in this collection ranging from Jet Black to Cashmere Rose. All these colours hit the nail on the head and my favourite has to be Marsala, a beautiful rich berry colour and also is the pantone colour for this season. 

Also in the collection are beautiful muted greys and neutrals and the pop of colour comes from polishes called Teal and Robin Red. Vibrant and strong colours that would be great paired with any of the top row colours as either an alternative french mani or as an accent nail. Also a nice bright full manicure on those dark winter days. Interesting side note, Robins are associated with Christmas as postmen used to be called Robins due to their uniforms being bright red like the bird! (Thanks to QI for that tidbit!) 

These polishes are available from the Models Own website, Bottleshops, Superdrug and also Boots. You should also check them out on Instagram as they are running a giveaway to win their entire Hypergel collection!!!  They regularly run competitions so def worth a follow.

I am currently saving my pennies to get most, if not all, of this collection and I'm sure that most of you will be hunting them down too and I can't wait to see what Models Own have up their sleeves for Christmas and the New Year. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

New Glasses!!!!!

Being blind as the preverbal bat, getting new glasses is a big thing! I liken it to getting a new handbag, as they are always on my face so a very important thing to get right!

My optician of choice has always been Vision Express. I have been getting glasses from them for well over 10 years and very much trust their sight tests. I get sight tests every 2 years as I have something called an astigmatism. This is where my eye is rugby ball shaped instead of football shaped and this make me short sighted (cant see anything in front of nose with out my glasses!)

Once my sight test was over, my eyes were given a clean bill of health but my prescription had changed so I was sent off to pick out new frames! This has gotten harder and harder over the years as I have had pretty much every type of frames possible. Rimless, half rim, metal, plastic, round, oval well you get the point, but the shape I favour over them all is rectangle. To my delight this is what my optician recommended!!!! After whittling their hundred of frames down to 4, this is when I enlisted my hubby to help me make my final decision as he is the one who looks at me the most so it does help if he likes them!!

I ended up with a beautiful tortishell pair from Oasis Eyewear and they have the most amazing legs!! I was told they would be about 1-3 weeks as this store didn't have the in-store lab that can have them ready in an hour but I wasn't bothered. Just over a week later I got the text from the store saying they were ready for collection!

I have had them for nearly a week now and I am so happy with them! The fit perfect and I have had so many compliments on the legs its great!! I highly recommend Vision Express, their sight tests are very thorough and the range of frames is second to none! Keeping your peepers healthy is important!! How could you read my posts with out them!!!!! ;)

Love Ya