Thursday, 20 August 2015

Crimes Against Nail Polish!!!!!!!

There is the most awful crimes being committed to thousands of innocent bottles of nail polish all over the world. This crime??......... polish remover being used to thin down gloopy nail polish. But there is nothing wrong with that or is there?????

The short and simply answer is YES!!!!!!! Polish remover is made of acetone and this is designed to dissolve the chemicals in the polish and remove it from your nail. What has happened to your polish is that some of the chemicals that evaporate in order for it to dry has escaped from the bottle and need replacing and thankfully such a product exists.

Nail polish thinner or restorer is now very widely available and contains the chemicals that you need to restore your favourite polish. There are many out there depending on your price point at the top of the scape you have Seche Retore, this comes from the same people that make the amazing Seche Vite Top Coat. The one that I have at the moment is from Pretty. I got this from eBay and I have used it a few times and so far it has been amazing. The key to this is to add a little at a time to gradually thin down the consistency. Add a few drops then roll the bottle (never shake that caused bubbles) between your hands and test the polish on a nail wheel or nail tip.

Simple maintenance of your polish bottles can reduce the amount of evaporation like ensuring that the lids are on tight enough. If you spot that there is a build up of polish around the rim then this can allow air into the bottle so every now and then give them a wipe round with some cotton lightly soaked in remover and wipe around the top. 

So if you are ever tempted to just pop a bit of remover into a gloppy polish STOP!! It will render it unusable for the future!

Love ya

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Money Saving Beauty Tips

Being a nail and beauty addict comes with some essential costs that you have to bear just to keep your addiction alive and well! 

One of my biggest expenses is on cotton wool! It may sound like a trivial thing but I use this stuff on a daily basis either changing my manicure or cleansing my face. I tended to use the pads as they were easier to use than the balls but I have since been converted! I was out of pads one day and I only had cotton balls in the house little did I know that they are rolled! So i unrolled it and found that there was more than enough in one ball unrolled and halved to take off an entire manicure!! Also when it comes to cotton pads they can be easily split in 2. I do this when I am removing my make up. I take my Nivea Cleanse & Tone and massage it into my face and take one side of the pad for one side of my face and one half for the other. This is also a good thing to do if you have a break out and it wont transfer the bacteria to the rest of your face limiting the break out!

I used to be so lacked when it came to cleaning my make up brushes mainly because of the time it took and the amount of Mac Brush Cleaner I was getting through. I was trawling through the internet one day when I can across this idea of putting it in a spray bottle! I had an old body spritz bottle that I thouroughly cleaned out and then I decanted the cleaner into it and bob's your uncle! Obviously this doesn't replace a deep clean that I do with Johnsons Baby Shampoo but for spot cleaning it's a life saver. Spritz it on and gently swirl the brush on a muslin cloth or another soft face cloth and you have a brush clean and ready for your next make up session!

My third and final main money saving tip is actually buying the nail and make up products themselves. My favourite place to increase my, already larger than average, polish collection is pound shops! These places can be a gold mine for main stream brands such as Sally Hansen and Rimmel. Also they have other brands such as W7 which are not to be sniffed at as they can be just as good as mainstream. On the make up side of things beauty swapping and selling sites on facebook are popping up all the time and they are amazing. I always recommend paying for anything off facebook using paypal and then you have a bit of buyer backing should anything go wrong. I much prefer this than taking a punt on eBay which is steadily becoming filled with fakes and for me its not worth taking this risk.

Its amazing just how changing a few little things with the essentials can save a fair bit of money, we are not talking massive amounts, but ever penny in your pocket is better than in the retailers!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x