Saturday, 25 July 2015

Models Own Chrome Pallet

No you didn't read the title wrong Models Own are and have been branching out from nail polish into make up for a while now. Firstly it was mainly lipstick, lip glosses and the odd blushers but they have been extending their range lately and this is their latest product.

Now I have few things from them already so I kinda knew what I was to expect but they have really upped their game. This pallet is beautifully packaged in a rose gold case with a mirror inside the lid, my only bug bear is the sponge applicator as I am not a fan of them so that will get put in with my nail art tools as they are handy for certain techniques.

These shadows are cream based and have an amazingly buttery texture.As you can see from the picture there are 6 shadows ranging from a lovely white sparkle to a deep bronze. They are incredibly pigmented and apply smoothly and blend well too.

I have tried these shadows two different ways the first being just the shadows itself applied to the lid and blended out and on the other eye I used it as a base for MAC Satin Taupe. I didn't use any sort of primer and I took pictures just after application and 8 hours later. Although as you can see there is more creasing on the side that wasn't set with a powder shadow they both held up well for being a cream product.

This pallet retails for £5.99 from Models Own website and their bottleshops and for 6 shadows of this quality I am more than impressed and would defiantly urge you to give them a go if you were a bit undecided as they give you the ability to create all manners of looks for a small outlay.

Love ya
Nailpixi x  

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Timeless Truth Apple Stem Cell Mask Review

As I am now slipping down the slope to 30 I thought that it was about time that I started taking my skin care a tad more seriously! Once again The Bloggers Hub provided me with a fantastic opportunity.

I was very interested in the Timeless Truth Apple Stem Cell mask so I made my application and then the owner of the company got in touch to say that she would be delighted to send me one to try out! I feel at this point I must make an apology to her as I have had this mask for quite a while but thanks to a flare up of my adult acne (knew I would be punished for clear skin during my teens!) but now that it is under control I was desperate to try it.

Like the Korean Mask that I tested a little while back this is a sheet mask but this one is made from Bio-Cellulose instead of the regular cotton or paper. This is state of the art tech in the anti-aging and is very compatible with the skin and allows it to absorb the product as well as breath at the same time. Also this mask contains Apple Stem cells that are a lot like human stem cells. These come from a specific swiss apple, this combined with the marine collagen, encourage the skin to renew and repair its own collagen cells giving it a boost and rehydrating. 

When I opened the packet last night there was a lovely fresh slightly apple smell and the mask itself was very well saturated with the essence. Unfolding the mask was easier than with a paper or cotton one as the fabric is much tougher. It has a woven texture and felt amazing against me skin. I felt that I had better mask to skin contact with this mask as it was very pliable. I left the mask on for the maximum time recommended of 20 mins and when I removed it almost all of the essence had been absorbed into my skin leaving only a tiny amount left to rub in. This mask was so hydrating I wasn't running immediately for my moisturiser. My skin felt smooth, well hydrated and supple afterwards.

This mask retails for £7.90 each but there are options to buy a box of 5 for £38.50 so they are at the higher end of the market for masks they wont be in everyones price range, but if you had a special occasion coming up I feel that the benefits are worth the outlay. Timeless Truth have an amazing range of masks that are cheaper with the Fusion Series starting at £4.90 a treatment so there is something for everyone. You can browse their mask on their website by clicking here!

Once again a massive thank you to Timeless Truth for this opportunity!!!


Friday, 17 July 2015

Kandy Colors Double Duty Review

I have been on the outlook for a latex based glitter base and liquid tape since I was less than impressed with the NYC Strip Me Off Base which I reviewed a few months ago, so when having a flick through Instagram I see that Kandy Colors had released a latex base called Double Duty and they also said that it doubles up as a liquid tape for use around the nail when doing sponging or stamping.

I headed straight over to their website and ordered it and it was here within a couple of days which was fantastic service. It cost me £2.30 and 99p for shipping.When it arrived the first thing that I did was have a sniff as liquid latex is known for a bit of a fishy smell but surprisingly this product has a very slight oder. It also states on the website that it contains a low ammonia content and also non-toxic.

When applied it only takes moment to dry clear and this means it does not affect the colour or glitter applied on top. Removal is just as easy. I used an orange wood stick to ease it off and it basically came off in one go with no forcing at all and no damage to my nail bed! I also tried it around my nail and again application and removal was a piece of cake! Take a peek at my Instagram for a video showing for it applies and removed.

This product is available straight from Kandy Colors website and also check out their Instagram page as they keep you up to date with their latest Indie polishes!! 

lots of love

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips Review

I was really blown away when I applied to Doll White through The Bloggers Hub when their 14 day teeth whitening kit dropped through my letter box! 

The biggest selling point for my on these strips were the fact that they are non-peroxide. This means they much more gentle on your teeth than a peroxide based system.

So onto the strips! They come in the cutest packaging ever! It is clean and crisp and the black and white it really striking. Inside the box you get 14 packs contains the strips and they are packaged similar to black head removing strips! Once you in you have to flexible strips covered in the whitening gel. I have a video showing how I apply them just click here. You have to leave them on 30 minutes. They are comfortable to wear and they don't feel bulky or odd on your teeth at all.

Once the 30 minutes have elapsed it's time to remove them. My one and only annoyance is that some of the gel stays on your teeth, but I just take a mouthful of water and my toothbrush and very very gently in a circular motion remove it. These strips have a very mild mint flavour and your teeth feel extremely clean after you have used them and I love that feeling!

In the time I've been using these strips my teeth have gone from this to this 

Even after one strip I seen a difference so fab if you have an important event coming up I am amazed by the results. This was far better than when i once had them whitened in a salon. This pack retails for £19.99 direct from Doll White which compared to getting them done at your dentist or a beauty salon is a massively cheaper option and in my opinion better results. They also do 28, 42 and 56 days worth of strips. I will be recommending these to all my friends and anyone who is looking for the whiter smile of their dreams! 

I just want to say a massive thank you to Doll White for this opportunity to try their amazing effective product!