Friday, 29 May 2015

Winning Grazia Manicure Monday!!!

On Monday 5 May I did my normal Monday task and trolled through my last few nail art pics and tweeted it to Grazia with the hashtag Manicure Monday.

Now maybe for people out side of the nail circles on Twitter etc Manicure Monday might not mean so much to you than other than people tagging their nails pics with it, but no! Thanks to Grazia Manicure Monday is one of the most important hashtags of the week. Once they announce they are accepting entires there is a mad dash to get your picture posted before the 3pm deadline. They also offer a prize for winning which is £50 worth of Nails Inc goodies who co-host the competition. 

So as I said I popped my pic in Twitter feed and thought not much more about it. Later that evening I thought I would check their website and to my amazement I had been shortlisted to the top ten that the public can vote on to decide the winner. I hit my social networks and let it be known that I had done it and would really appreciate the votes if they thought that my design was worth it. Now voting is open until 5pm Tuesday with the winner being announced on Wednesday. I nervously checked the voting and I was 2 votes ahead of the other amazing designs but pessimistic me was just chuffed that I had a few votes. But later that night I had received more and I was getting a nice buffer to the next person. I went to bed with my fingers and toes crossed that it would stay that way!

I kept checking back thoughout the following day and my lead stayed and to my shock and bafflement I actually won!!!!! I couldn't believe it! To me it was such an honour just to be shortlisted for a competition run by a top fashion magazine but to win as well was just the icing on the cake! 

Grazia tweeted me on the Wednesday to say that I should DM them with my address and my prize would be sorted out and posted and just a few days later it was safely delivered to my door! Tearing into the package I was desperate to find out what was inside. Firstly there was a note in there from Nails Inc congratulating my and a beautiful paper wrapped reusable bag containing the goodies! I had known from others I'd spoken to who had won there would be nail care items and one polish. I was lucky enough to get the Vitamin E nail cuticle oil pen, Kensingnton Caviar 45 second top coat and base and the beautiful glitter polish Notting Hill Lane from the Luxe Boho collection!

So if you are a budding nail artist or really into it I highly recommend entering this competition as for one its a great source of ideas for future manis and two a fab way to get yourself noticed online if that is something you are after!! GOOD LUCK!!

Love ya
Nailpixi xx

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Nail Care

Our nails need as much looking after in the summer as they do in the winter so I have been scanning the interweb and have found some tips and tricks to give your summer manicures that's extra bit of love.

Something that has never crossed my mind before until I read an article on cosmopolitans website is that strong sunshine (fingers crossed for those in the UK!!!!!!) will bake your polish of choice onto your nails harder and this can lead to an increase in yellowing so pop an extra coat of base coat and this should provide and extra layer of protection from this happening.

As with the rest of our bodies the skin on our hands burn too! So ensure that you are reapplying to your hands as often as you do the rest of your body. The skin on your hands is thinner on the backs like under your eyes or tops of your feet and it ages with the sun just like on your face so if your taking care with your face to keep it as young looking as possible then don't give the game away with your hands!! 

As in winter moisture is as important in summer too. Dry cuticles will make even the most amazing manicure look dull. I have been using Nails Inc Vitamin E cuticle oil pen and it makes application so much easier and also smells of lavender (personal fav!) and the change in my cuticles has been brilliant. I have also been placing it under my nail tip and I have noticed a marked difference in the dry skin I have around my nail tip from using acetone. 

I recently was away from home and was dreading having to take all my nail stuff with my and also chipping or even breakages while away from home. I took the dive and put back on my UV gels, which I have been trying to refrain from and grow my own nails, it was a decision than worked out great. Not only did I not have to worry about chipping but they stood up to packing and unpacking but being in the pool and all the other things that come along with being on holiday. Came back and removed them and thanks to my Duri they are as if the gels had never been on so very happy pixi!! 

So dig out the neons and enjoy your summer with nails that will keep up with you whatever you do! 

Love ya
Nailpixi xx