Friday, 24 April 2015

Incredible Nail Designs in the blink of an eye?!?!?!

I had always thought that the only was to create amazing designs on my nails was to freehand paint it. I struggled for ages trying to get straight lines, even chevrons and making anything look like it did in real life. It was so frustrating doing and re-doing nails until I was sort of happy with them. That was until I came across the secret tricks of the nail artist!

I mean dont get me wrong there are guys out there who are the most amazing freeHand painters Robin Moses being one of them! But for me, a mere muggle!, how was I going to recreate some of my favourite designs with my shaky hands!

So I took to google to see if there was a way that I could and I stumbled across a number of websites selling all sorts of bit and bobs to help you have amazing nails without the need of a art degree and I thought I would share some of them with you.

Rhinestones and other form of 3D accessories are a quick and simple was of jazzing up any manicure. Once you base coat of choice has completely dried a blob of either top coat or nail glue and place on the accessory of your choice on and bobs your uncle you can have a 3D manicure in no time. When if comes to removing them it makes it easier if you dont top coat them and a cotton bud soaked in acetone and press it around the piece and it will slowly ease off and the best part they can be used again! Charlies Nail Art have a fantastic range

Stickers, stencils and water decals were the next thing that I decided to give a try. Stickers work in the same fashion as the 3D nail art. Once you base coat has dried then peel them off the backing paper and place them on the nail of choice. These may need trimming and I also find it useful to use tweezers to pick and place so that the natural oils on your fingers dont reduce the stickiness. These can be top coats over and will easily remove when you come to change you manicure. Stencils are placed over a base colour or in a new trend bare nails and painted over to reveal the chosen design and removed with tweezers before the nail polish has dried to ensure a clean removal. She Sell Seashells have to make my favourite stencils the material is very high quality but the price reasonable. Finally water decals. They are similar to nail stickers but their glue is warm water activated. Cut around you decal of choice and place it into water for 5-10 seconds then gently slid it off the backing paper and place onto your nail. I find a cotton bud helps to remove the excess water and placement. Again top coat and bingo and basic nail polish remover takes them off.

My latest investment has been into nail stamping! This has opened the door to an amazing new world of designs and techniques to explore. Stamping does require a few basic tools before you begin these are a stamper and a scraper. There are quite a few available so I would do my research for jumping in to your purchase. I have found success with a very squishy (yes nail tech term!!) rectangular stamper but before I found this one I tried one from Konad and also a slightly softer round one and for my nails and ability the rectangular one suited me. Rainbow Connection have made the Creative Stamper available here in the UK and it is getting fantastic reviews all over facebook and blogs. Now the basic scraper that comes with the Konad kits has a metal edge and I found that this was scratching my plates so I have switched to a trusty old gift card and this has been helping alot with the distribution of the polish. Moyou do sells packs of card like scrapers and they seemed favoured by most stampers. Once you have got the necessary tools then you are free to chose from the thousands of plates that are available!! And when I say thousands I am not exaggerating!!! You can spend as much or as little as you like there are fantastic plate bundles for sale on eBay and Amazon and they work perfectly well but by far my favs are the plates from MoYou London. Their plates are just amazing I have never had an image fail to transfer even when I was starting out. I could be here all day listing my favs but you would be incredibly bored by then but I urge you just to take a peek at their website and just fall head over heels! I have a post coming up about the vary array of techniques but I feel a bit more practise is in order before I prattle on about it!!

Love ya

Monday, 13 April 2015

Duri Rejuvacoat 1 Nail Strengthner

We are all on the search for the perfect nails strong healthy and able to put up with the strain of daily life without breaking at the first coke can! But with so many products out there that claim to do one thing or another for our precious talons how are we to decide which to take a dive with!

I have been suckered into buying far too many nail strenghtners without really thinking what it was that my nails needed. Sally Hansen Triple Shine protectorNail Tek for peeling nails, Essie grow stronger but it was my latest purchase, Duri Rejuvacoat 1, Im falling head over heels for.

Dont get me wrong all the ones mentioned above are great at doing what they say they are going to do, but once I sat down and really did some research and spoke to others in the same boat that I became aware of Duri. As it isnt readily available in your local drug store or beauty counter it was a brand that I had never heard about. I was talking to some girls over on Nails and Natter on Facebook when it was mentioned that for people who use acrylics or gels on a regular basis and want a break then this was the stuff to try.

I had been getting ok results with Essie Grow Stronger but there was always an issue with my nails breaking at the corners so I would just bang on another set gels and forget about it. Recently Ive been scanning Instagram and it seems to me that natural nails are so now and I decided to join them!

I have been using Duri for 3 weeks now and I am really noticing a big difference. My nails are not only growing nicely but they are growing straighter that before and no peeling or breaking since I stated the treatment. There are no signs of the damage from applying and removing my gels and Duri is a fantastic base for my nail art casuing no srinkage when I use it as a top coat too. Below is a picture of them 3 weeks ago after the first application and a picture of them now and Im blown away with the results so far.



I never thought that I would be able to comfortable enough with my natural nails to put away my gels but if these results continue I may be converted to natural forever!!!

Love ya
Nailpixi x

A £1 Night Serum Is It Any Good??????

I was having a gander down the beauty aisles of my local poundworld looking for any nail polish bargains to be had when I happened to glance further along and I noticed they had an Argan Oil range so I thought I would have a butchers.

They had quite a big selection from facial wipe to hand cream when I noticed they had a night serum, something that I have been after since my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair ran out. We had just booked a holiday so that bad boy was a tad out of budget! So what the hay it was only a quid and any results would be a bonus!!

It comes in very similar packaging to the Estee Lauder, the dark brown bottle with the dropper top. It smells amazing and has a light texture as with someone with oily/combination skin this is a must if I am to avoid any face demons!

The instrusctions say to use serveral drops on cleansed skin at night so I cleaned my face with my Nivea Cleanse and Tone and took 5 drops on to my hand and gently patted it onto my face ( a trick picked up by the amazing Michelle Phan!) and it adsorbed right away no stickiness at all! So i moisturised and off to beddy I went! I  woke up in the morning and was amazed by the results! No extra oiliness and my skin did feel a lot smoother than when I dont use the serum.

7 days in and I am seeing real results. I had a tad of rosaica on my cheeks and that is fading and no new break outs since I have been using it. I would say at this stage that I am really impressed with my £1 discovery which I wasnt expecting to be because at £1 you dont expect the top end ingredients but should these results contine I will be a complete convert from my Estee Lauder!

Im now 6 weeks into using this serum and I am still seeing improvments!! A reduction in the frequency of break outs and also I have also noticed that my pore size around my nose has reduced. So all in all for £1 this serum is definately worth a punt it can easily stand up there with the big boys and leave more pennies in the pot for nail polish and what nail addict can argue with that!!

Love ya!
Nailpixi xxx