Saturday, 31 January 2015

More than just fancy nails!

I have been thinking for a while that I should use my tiny part of the internet to not nail relateed posts but lifestyle things too. Whenever I sat down to write these kinds of posts I would delete it as soon as I had finished feeling like it wasnt something that people would like to read but this is my blog and thanks to a couple of women on the All Things Nails facebook page Ive decided to go for it!

So from now on this will be a place for me and you to discuss all matter of things! Beauty tips and tricks, lifes ups and downs, kids ups and downs! and of course my unhealthy addidtion to all things nails!!

This week was brilliant as Models Own have began their 50% off sale using the code HALFPRICE. So natually it would be rude not to uptake on this offer! So I have 11 Polishes winging their way to me any day now including a couple of the new Chrome Colour collection. From what I have read on other blogs they are lush for wearing and also good for stamping so chomping at the bit to have a go! Also this week I have bought 2 triple shine Sally Hansen jelly polishes, a set of acylic paints and 10 new stamping plates OOPPPPSSSS!!!!! So guess who is now on a no buy!

I have been testing a new night serum from Poundworld of all places. It containes argan oil so I will give you a proper review on that in a few weeks but heres hoping that for only £1 there are reasonable results!

I have a post Im working on at the moment about instant nail art just need to do a few piccys and that will be up this week.