Monday, 30 November 2015

Baylis & Harding La Maison 6 pce Gift Set

I was given the most fantastic opportunity from Beauty at Tesco to review this gift set from Baylis & Harding and now I'm sharing my thoughts with you.

Firstly, I have to apologise for not having a picture of the set in its packaging as my hubby was having a clear out and didn't realise that I wanted to keep it. It was a beautiful muted grey box with a magnetic closing so it was really designed to be re-used (thanks darling!) but you can see a picture of it here.

The contents are just as beautiful and was all scented with white linen & cassis, this is a clean, fresh and delicate and most of all not over powering in any of the products. The products are a Foaming Bath & Shower creme, Reviving Shower Gel, Refreshing Body Cleanser, Hand cream and 2 Massaging Body Balms.

Foaming Bath & Shower Creme: The scent permeated the whole bathroom as soon as it touched the water and gave the water a luxurious feel, but a few more bubbles wouldn't have gone a miss.

Reviving Shower Gel: This foamed up lovely on my body puff and left my skin silky & scented.

Refreshing Body Cleanser: This is a very gentle exfoliator. It leaves the skin feeling very clean but not over dry and like it had been scrubbed into an inch of its life. I loved this product for that.

Handcream: As a nail addict I delved right into this one as soon as the set arrived. It is a very light cream and left the hands very soft and silky.

Massaging Body Balm: This was my favourite product in the whole set! A little of this amazing balm goes a long way. It adsorbs very quickly meaning that you can dress once your finished applying it. The balm leaves you skin feeling silky and that feeling stays until you next shower.

Overall this set is fantastic buy and I will defiantly be re-purchasing especially now that it is half price on Tesco online. So whether its a sneaky treat for you while doing the weekly shop or if your stuck for a gift this set is most defiantly a winner!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x   

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Little Life Update!

Isn't it always the way, you think that things are finally starting to settle in your life and then a bomb goes off and its all back up in the air, or flat on my back in my case!!

I have been struggling with a back issue for over a year now, but it was ticking away in the background. I do have to walk using crutches, due to damage being done to my sciatic nerve but life was getting back on track. I was in a better place mentally about the prognosis and also physically the pain was getting better managed. I was getting out of the trackies, that had become like a uniform, and making an effort hair make up the works! Life was feeling like normal again until Sunday 15th November everything changed.

It was like any normal day, pain was a little more than normal but nothing I couldn't handle.. Gradually during the day things went south drastically! I was getting up for tea with my family, I made it through to the kitchen slowly and sat to begin eating. All of a sudden I began to feel a lot of pain in my back and my eyesight was going funny, next thing I know I was on the kitchen floor, kids screaming and husband racing round! I had passed out because of the pain and been out for a little longer than my husband was comfortable with so rang for an ambulance. They were amazing, they got here really quickly and there were 5 of them! 4 of them were dealing with me and one amazing guy called Ian took the time to talk to my kids and explain , in terms they could understand, what was happening to mummy and reassuring them that everything was going to be fine. I can thank that man enough for what he did, he went above and beyond what was expected of him and my kids were no longer as scared of what was going on.

So three days of tests and resting later and I was finally discharged and reassured that the lumber degenerative disease (click here to see what that is) had gotten any worse but my pain medication needed re-adjusted and my request for physiotherapy needed to be speeded up. I was so relieved that nothing had really changed. Since getting home I have been even more wrapped up in cotton wool by my amazing husband and pretty spaced out with the new pain meds so posts will be a bit more sporadic but normal scheduling will resume shortly!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi xx

Friday, 13 November 2015

Yellow & Black Make up Look

So, today, in the UK it is Children In Need. This is a day where people all over the UK do tremendous things and silly things too, to raise money for charities across the UK that help children & families going through tough times. Their mascot, Pudsey Bear, inspired my make up look for today!


Products Used
Foundations : Illamasqua Skin base & Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
Concealer: Mac 
Eyeshadows:  Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk Yellow (120 eyeshadow pallet from eBay)  Black Tied by Mac
Eyeliner: Black Track Fluidline and Mac smoulder on tightline
Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Ultra Noir & Estee Lauder Double Wear
Contour: Benefit 10 powder
Blush: Mac Dollymix sheertone
Highlight: Avon Contour & colour in Rose gold (champagne tone)
Lipstick: Mac Myth

Most of these products I use in my everyday makeup routine but spiced it up today and I'm really pleased with how it turned out with my techniques are sharpening everyday. You never know might make a make up artist yet!!

Love Ya

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Acne Attack Update!

So, my lovelies, it has been a couple of weeks I have been totally committed to my new skin care regime so I thought a little update was in order.

I am rapidly approaching the nightmare time of month where my skin goes into overdrive! Yes darlings its PMS time and for anyone with oily skin this usual means that face demons are imminent! I have to be extra vigilant with skin care at the mo and make sure that I'm a good girl and cleanse twice daily!

So far, there has been a few little monkeys that have tried to pop up, but I have staved off a full blow attack! I have also added in a new eye make up remover. I felt that the wipes I was using were too harsh for my sensitive peepers, so I invested in Garnia Micillar Water. Only used it for the first time last night but my eyes were defiantly grateful!! Ill keep you posted on how it continues to work.

I have found that skin care, especially with problematic skin, is more of a marathon than a race  and there will be bumps (or spots) along the way. Stick with it and don't give up and remember I'm on this journey too and here when you need me!

Love ya
Nailpixi xx  

Monday, 9 November 2015

Changing Your Nail Shape

I have never changed my nail shape other than once where I applies almond tips for halloween last year but I have been rocking a square nail for years and it was time for a change!!

Being a nail addict, changing your nail shape is probably one of the most scary things (other than a break!!) but if I can do it then so can you!

Firstly you'll need your weapons of choice. If you are taking a lot of nail away then start with your lowest grit file. The one I used was a 180/180 to remove the corners and map out the basic shape. Then work up trough the grits till you reach a white block or buffing block smoothing out your new shape.

Changing from square to almond,, and if it is the first time you have ever made such a change I have a few tips that I used that will help. Firstly, find the centre of the end of your nail and place a dot with a sharpie pen or similar. You can use a ruler or something with a straight edge to find it. This is probably the most important step as you don't want wonky points!!

Next, if you are still feeling a tad nervous, draw out your intended shape with the same pen and gently does it your ready to go! Take it down bit by bit so that you don't over file and ruin all your hard work! 

Voila!! You have a brand new nail shape and a whole new range of nail art opportunities! Below is how mine turned out and the latest nail art I've done. Keep up to date with my me and my new nails on Twitter and Instagram and use #nailpixi so I can see yours!

Love ya
Nailpixi x

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Everyday Make up Routine

Make up has a power all of its own! Thousands of women apply is everyday without even thinking of what it can do. 

For me, make up is my defence against the world, my mask to hide behind when my mind is acting up. So what do I wear in defence every day????

Having oily skin, a good foundation is a must. At the moment I am in love with my Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream in light (embrace the paleness!) It blends beautifully and gives me just the right amount of coverage I like. Next is dealing with the face demons!! I have used Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Ivory. Works really well for under eye bags and also lasts really well. After all that I set it with Mac Mineralised Skin Finish in Light. Powder is very important when you have oily skin or all your hard work will just slide off your face!!

Eye make up varies depending on what mood Im in! Hell the other day I wore green shadow for the first time just for the sake of it!! But generally I go for Mac Naked Lunch all over the lid with either Satin Taupe or concrete in the crease just lightly smoked out. If time isn't an issue I will add a flicked out liner using Mac Blacktrac Fluidline, love this stuff as it doesn't dry too quick so makes it a lot more easy to work with. For eyebrows I use a HD Brow Palette and mix the blonde shade with the light ash brown as this suits my colourings. 

Cheeks are always the same on a daily basis. I use Mac (im seeing a mac related theme here but its not on purpose I promise!) Sheertone Blush in DollyMix and for a highlighter I use Avon Contour & Glow in Rose glow, normally the champagne colour.  Lips is something that I do change up from either Mac Creme de Nude all the way to Lady Danger and all shades in between! Lipstick to me is like my nails and a fab way to add a safe pop of colour to your look!


I love playing with make up and my confidence is building more and more bit like with blogging!! I'm actually considering taking a course to become a make up artist so keep em peeled on twitter and here as to how I get on! Just dont forget it doesn't matter what people think about your look if it makes you feel happy and confident then thats all that matters!

Love ya 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Broken Nail?? No Problem!!

Your worst nightmare has just happened. Those nails that you have been taking such good care of has let you down and BROKE!! But don't panic all is not lost with a few simple steps harmony will be restored.

Firstly, if it is a complete break then there isn't much you can do I'm afraid take your file out and do what you must. If, however the break only crossed part of the nail then you are in luck as there is a salvation. All you need are a few things that any nail addict or indeed anyone might have.
If the break occurs when you are wearing polish then you will have to very carefully remove the polish. This may sting if the break is near the nail bed but it will be worth it. Once the nail is completely clear assess the damage. Next you are going to need nail glue and a teabag! Yes a teabag I havent lost my mind honest (although some of my close friends might disagree!) 

Cut the teabag so that it is longer and wider than the break, this will provide added strength to the repair. Line up the break and a glue to the length of it. With a pair of tweezers (nail glue will stick your fingers together!) place the strip of teabag over the break. Smooth out the glue & teabag with the tweezers and if required add a little bit more glue to ensure it is completely saturated.

Once this has completely dried, take a white block buffer or whatever kind of buffer you have to smooth out the edges. Be careful not to buff to heavily over the break itself as you will effect the strength of the repair. Pop on your base coat of choice and your done! Ready for the next masterpiece! 

And there you have it your precious nails are back to their beautiful selves! The repair will require replacing over time and keep it there until the break has naturally grown out. 

Love Ya
Nailpixi x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Adult Acne Attack Force!

Being on a budget (like me) doesn't mean that you can't attack your acne full on. There are hundreds of cheaper products out there who are more than a match for the big boys and whats more some of them you can pick up during your weekly shop!!

Sebum (the oil your pores produce) is your best friend and your worst enemy. Getting the balance between the two is the key to clearer skin, Having oily skin, you may be inclined to strip it all off but this will only send your pores into overdrive producing extra oil to make up for it and the cycle continues. Gentle cleansing and ever oil products can help you achieve the balance you desire.

First step in the attack is cleansing. To remove my make up I use Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanse and Tone. To further wash my face I use Tesco Daily Facial Wash and once a week I use their Exfoliating Face Wash. I find that if I exfoliate more than this it causes too much irritation and then the face demons make an appearance!!

Sometimes what I'm too tired I just use the Nivea cleanser then I use my Deep Cleansing wipes that I got for Poundworld! These bad boys contain Gylcolic Acid, this is from a group called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). This stuff is your main line infantry against breakouts. It is easily absorbed into the skin, gently exfoliating it, dissolving sebum and reducing the frequency of breakouts and takes care of the scars from previous breakouts.

After all that moisturising is very important. Lack of moisture added to the skin after cleansing with kick the oil glands into overdrive ruining all your hard work. During the day I use Tesco Softening Daily Moisturiser with cucumber & vitamin E both work against acne scaring. It is light and non greasy and a perfect base for applying make up. At night I use an Argan Oil night serum (see my review here) and then its time for my Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. It is gloriously thick and in the morning my skin is fully repaired and ready for the day.

As you can see dealing with oily acne prone skin is challenging. When you start a new skin care regime, you wont see results over night. The average turn over of facial skin cells is 6 weeks, so stick with and the results will be worth the wait!

Love Ya

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Time for Change

I have mentioned in the past that I am recovering from a semi serious back injury. I have a disc in my lower back that is collapsing on itself but on the way down it has caused damage to my sciatic nerve on my left side, leaving me on crutches as my leg is badly weakened. This kind of stopped my life in its tracks. Pain became the only thing I could be sure of and feeling sick from all the medications I had to take.

Now 12 months on, I am finally officially beginning my recovery programme. I have found a GP who is taking seriously what I am feeling and giving me the correct meds and also the correct physio and exercise to be able to walk unaided! For the first time in months I can actually see a future with no pain and no bloody crutches!!

Today I came to a realisation. I don't have to give into the injury and the pain, I can still be myself do my make up and my hair! Today is the day where I take hold again and stop hiding behind and start showing the big bad world who I really am.

For years I only put on my face and do my hair if I was going somewhere, but no more I am going to start doing it for me, no one else just me and if you dont like it them do one!

There is no real reason for this post but I just had to share my story with you guys in the hope that maybe one person out there struggling with anything can see that you do still exist behind all the conditions and problems the beautiful person inside is still there all you have to do is dig deep, look hard inside and youll be amazed just how strong you really are.

Love Ya
Nailpixi xx  

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Adult Acne. An Ongoing Saga!

I was extremely lucky as a teenager and the dreaded acne never struck. I was able to use all matter of skin care and make up without a care but as I entered my 20's this was all to change.

It all kicked off when I fell pregnant with my first daughter and it was all down hill from there! Most women experience an improvement in their skin whilst pregnant, hence the term "Oh your glowing!", but oh no not me! Pregnancy was a real trying time for me. I had horrible morning sickness and I think that this took so much out of me that my skin was the one to suffer.

I was left with clogged pores, cystic spots and marked skin that I still have to this day, and my eldest daughter is now 8!, and the search for that holy grail product goes on. I have tried all sorts of lotions and potions to try and remedy my skin issues, but after 8 years of searching I am still lost in oil!

Recently I decided to research about why oily skin occurs and I was taken a back that the thing I have been doing over the years may be actually making the situation worse! Oily skin is just as delicate as dry or sensitive skin and needs to be treated accordingly. I had been scrubbing and using heavy duty astringents to try and clear the oil but this only results in more oil being produced to replace what you have stripped off!

This has made me completely change my skin care routine. I no longer scrub & peel my skin and have started to use products that are not necessarily marketed for people like me. I do still use a face wipe (yes I use wipes!!) that is made for spot prone skin, but afterwards I don't use any astringents and go straight to moisturiser.

I am slowly beginning to see a benefit of this regime and I have only been using it for a few weeks, so once I am 100% sure that this is going to continue working I will post about what products I have been using and they don't cost the earth! So until then I'm keeping everything crossed!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Models Own Twilight Hypergel Collection

Models Own have done it again and released a collection that is bang on trend for AW15 and best of all they have made them with the Hyper Gel formulation, which is by far their most amazing polishes ever giving a high shine finish with no need for a UV light

There are 13 colours in this collection ranging from Jet Black to Cashmere Rose. All these colours hit the nail on the head and my favourite has to be Marsala, a beautiful rich berry colour and also is the pantone colour for this season. 

Also in the collection are beautiful muted greys and neutrals and the pop of colour comes from polishes called Teal and Robin Red. Vibrant and strong colours that would be great paired with any of the top row colours as either an alternative french mani or as an accent nail. Also a nice bright full manicure on those dark winter days. Interesting side note, Robins are associated with Christmas as postmen used to be called Robins due to their uniforms being bright red like the bird! (Thanks to QI for that tidbit!) 

These polishes are available from the Models Own website, Bottleshops, Superdrug and also Boots. You should also check them out on Instagram as they are running a giveaway to win their entire Hypergel collection!!!  They regularly run competitions so def worth a follow.

I am currently saving my pennies to get most, if not all, of this collection and I'm sure that most of you will be hunting them down too and I can't wait to see what Models Own have up their sleeves for Christmas and the New Year. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

New Glasses!!!!!

Being blind as the preverbal bat, getting new glasses is a big thing! I liken it to getting a new handbag, as they are always on my face so a very important thing to get right!

My optician of choice has always been Vision Express. I have been getting glasses from them for well over 10 years and very much trust their sight tests. I get sight tests every 2 years as I have something called an astigmatism. This is where my eye is rugby ball shaped instead of football shaped and this make me short sighted (cant see anything in front of nose with out my glasses!)

Once my sight test was over, my eyes were given a clean bill of health but my prescription had changed so I was sent off to pick out new frames! This has gotten harder and harder over the years as I have had pretty much every type of frames possible. Rimless, half rim, metal, plastic, round, oval well you get the point, but the shape I favour over them all is rectangle. To my delight this is what my optician recommended!!!! After whittling their hundred of frames down to 4, this is when I enlisted my hubby to help me make my final decision as he is the one who looks at me the most so it does help if he likes them!!

I ended up with a beautiful tortishell pair from Oasis Eyewear and they have the most amazing legs!! I was told they would be about 1-3 weeks as this store didn't have the in-store lab that can have them ready in an hour but I wasn't bothered. Just over a week later I got the text from the store saying they were ready for collection!

I have had them for nearly a week now and I am so happy with them! The fit perfect and I have had so many compliments on the legs its great!! I highly recommend Vision Express, their sight tests are very thorough and the range of frames is second to none! Keeping your peepers healthy is important!! How could you read my posts with out them!!!!! ;)

Love Ya

Friday, 25 September 2015

Autumn Nail Trends 2015

Well there is no use in denying it anymore. Summer is over and we are well and truly in the grips of autumn. Dont be sad neons and brights can adorn your nails but there are a fab new batch of colours and technical trends to try!

Marsala is the official pantone colour of the season and I personally couldn't be happier! I am a sucke for a deep winey red and I have seen plenty of brands coming out with them. My fav so far has to be the Gelly Shine Barry M Nail Paint in Black Cherry. Other colours that are popular this season are mustard yellows, emerald/forest green and also the happy return of muddy "Greige" (these are colours that aren't quite beige not quite grey. There is no colour that suits this category better than Sephora By Opi Metro Chic. Its an oldie and may be hard to find but if you do its a must have in any collection.

Technique wise, this season, I have seen embellishments being using a lot. Be it on naked nails or as a signature nail a bit of bling in very in. Negative space manicures seem to be here to stay, but with the added addition of using a translucent black as a base and either colour blocking over or stamping/hand painting a lace design over it. Ruffian manicures also have been seen a lot, using metallic along side the berry tones. Metallic French tips are also very popular.

By far my favourite trend that I have been seeing all over Instagram is Paint Splattering. This is a fantastically fun mani technique and can be done with any colour of polish you like! The base colour can also be anything you like and all you need is a straw to create the effect. Once your base has dried add a little of your chosen accent colours to the base of the straw and sharply blow through it towards your nail ( Remember blow don't suck I'm not being held responsible for colour tongues!!) The splats will take a little while to dry and using either tape of Kandy Colours Double Duty (see my review here) around your nail to make clean up easier!

I will be posting a few of my attempts at these techniques and colours so make sure you follow me on Instagram to see how they go!!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x   

Monday, 14 September 2015

Danglefoot Polish Cuticle Oil Review

I was running out of my one true nail love, my Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil, so I popped a pic up on my Instagram seeing what else was out there. The lovely Clara from Nail_Art_by_Clara said that she was a massive fan of DangleFoots Cuticle oil. Hayley is amazing indie polish maker and she was amazing enough to send me a sample of the oil to try.

A few days later a beautiful vile of oil arrived. The scent she had sent was cedar wood and lime. I was a bit dubious a first but once I opened the vile I was in love! It has a lovely earthy wood scent with a burst of citrus that really lasts!

The oil not only smells great, but is a super food for your nails! Its main ingredient is high quality Jojoba oil. This stuff is fantastic at repairing your nails, holding in moisture and improves the adsorption of vitamin E. The other ingredients are Argan Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Avocado Oil. These three combined give your nails a cocktail of all the essential vitamins to encourage strong, healthy nail growth. In particular the apricot kernel oil is great at penetrating the skin without a greasy feeling like some other oils have.

I only received a small sample but this oil is so highly concentrated that a little goes a long way. My nails were feeling dry but since I started using this oil they have felt well hydrated and my cuticles are wonderfully soft.

The oil is available from Hayley's Esty Shop and comes in 9mls lipgloss style tubes for £5.99. The quantity and quality of this oil beats the big guys hands down for value for money.

Thanks again to Hayley for my sample and you have found yourself yet another convert!!!

Love ya
Nailpixi xxx  

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Taras Talons Polish Review

Well its happened! I have been lured by the magic of the Indie Polish makers and made my first purchase!!

Tara from Taras Talons was having a 50% off sale so I thought what the hey lets have a butchers! I was very pleased with myself when all I bought was one!! There, ladies and gentlemen, is willpower at its finest (plus its bill week!)

Her polishes are made with a 5 Free Base. This means that the base doesn't include Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Theres a post coming up as to why this list of stuff is a good things to not have in your polishes, but back to my new pretty!! 

It arrived excellently packaged, in great time and even had a Tootsie Roll in with it to only sweeten the deal! The colour I picked was apple green neon so I put it over a white base so that it could really shine. The polish applied beautifully and also doesn't have the strong chemical smell that comes with other polishes. In two coats, after the white, it was opaque, not streaky at all and wearing really well! 

This was my first 5 free Indie polish so I have to admit that I was a bit dubious about what it would be like but I now know that all that was in my head. The people behind these Indie brands are 100% dedicated nail addicts, who have a real passion for the industry and put their heart and souls into making the best product they can. Etsy is one of the best places to hunt down these polish wizards so pop indie polish into the search bar and enjoy shopping!!

Love ya
Nailpixi x           

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Crimes Against Nail Polish!!!!!!!

There is the most awful crimes being committed to thousands of innocent bottles of nail polish all over the world. This crime??......... polish remover being used to thin down gloopy nail polish. But there is nothing wrong with that or is there?????

The short and simply answer is YES!!!!!!! Polish remover is made of acetone and this is designed to dissolve the chemicals in the polish and remove it from your nail. What has happened to your polish is that some of the chemicals that evaporate in order for it to dry has escaped from the bottle and need replacing and thankfully such a product exists.

Nail polish thinner or restorer is now very widely available and contains the chemicals that you need to restore your favourite polish. There are many out there depending on your price point at the top of the scape you have Seche Retore, this comes from the same people that make the amazing Seche Vite Top Coat. The one that I have at the moment is from Pretty. I got this from eBay and I have used it a few times and so far it has been amazing. The key to this is to add a little at a time to gradually thin down the consistency. Add a few drops then roll the bottle (never shake that caused bubbles) between your hands and test the polish on a nail wheel or nail tip.

Simple maintenance of your polish bottles can reduce the amount of evaporation like ensuring that the lids are on tight enough. If you spot that there is a build up of polish around the rim then this can allow air into the bottle so every now and then give them a wipe round with some cotton lightly soaked in remover and wipe around the top. 

So if you are ever tempted to just pop a bit of remover into a gloppy polish STOP!! It will render it unusable for the future!

Love ya

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Money Saving Beauty Tips

Being a nail and beauty addict comes with some essential costs that you have to bear just to keep your addiction alive and well! 

One of my biggest expenses is on cotton wool! It may sound like a trivial thing but I use this stuff on a daily basis either changing my manicure or cleansing my face. I tended to use the pads as they were easier to use than the balls but I have since been converted! I was out of pads one day and I only had cotton balls in the house little did I know that they are rolled! So i unrolled it and found that there was more than enough in one ball unrolled and halved to take off an entire manicure!! Also when it comes to cotton pads they can be easily split in 2. I do this when I am removing my make up. I take my Nivea Cleanse & Tone and massage it into my face and take one side of the pad for one side of my face and one half for the other. This is also a good thing to do if you have a break out and it wont transfer the bacteria to the rest of your face limiting the break out!

I used to be so lacked when it came to cleaning my make up brushes mainly because of the time it took and the amount of Mac Brush Cleaner I was getting through. I was trawling through the internet one day when I can across this idea of putting it in a spray bottle! I had an old body spritz bottle that I thouroughly cleaned out and then I decanted the cleaner into it and bob's your uncle! Obviously this doesn't replace a deep clean that I do with Johnsons Baby Shampoo but for spot cleaning it's a life saver. Spritz it on and gently swirl the brush on a muslin cloth or another soft face cloth and you have a brush clean and ready for your next make up session!

My third and final main money saving tip is actually buying the nail and make up products themselves. My favourite place to increase my, already larger than average, polish collection is pound shops! These places can be a gold mine for main stream brands such as Sally Hansen and Rimmel. Also they have other brands such as W7 which are not to be sniffed at as they can be just as good as mainstream. On the make up side of things beauty swapping and selling sites on facebook are popping up all the time and they are amazing. I always recommend paying for anything off facebook using paypal and then you have a bit of buyer backing should anything go wrong. I much prefer this than taking a punt on eBay which is steadily becoming filled with fakes and for me its not worth taking this risk.

Its amazing just how changing a few little things with the essentials can save a fair bit of money, we are not talking massive amounts, but ever penny in your pocket is better than in the retailers!

Love Ya
Nailpixi x

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Models Own Chrome Pallet

No you didn't read the title wrong Models Own are and have been branching out from nail polish into make up for a while now. Firstly it was mainly lipstick, lip glosses and the odd blushers but they have been extending their range lately and this is their latest product.

Now I have few things from them already so I kinda knew what I was to expect but they have really upped their game. This pallet is beautifully packaged in a rose gold case with a mirror inside the lid, my only bug bear is the sponge applicator as I am not a fan of them so that will get put in with my nail art tools as they are handy for certain techniques.

These shadows are cream based and have an amazingly buttery texture.As you can see from the picture there are 6 shadows ranging from a lovely white sparkle to a deep bronze. They are incredibly pigmented and apply smoothly and blend well too.

I have tried these shadows two different ways the first being just the shadows itself applied to the lid and blended out and on the other eye I used it as a base for MAC Satin Taupe. I didn't use any sort of primer and I took pictures just after application and 8 hours later. Although as you can see there is more creasing on the side that wasn't set with a powder shadow they both held up well for being a cream product.

This pallet retails for £5.99 from Models Own website and their bottleshops and for 6 shadows of this quality I am more than impressed and would defiantly urge you to give them a go if you were a bit undecided as they give you the ability to create all manners of looks for a small outlay.

Love ya
Nailpixi x  

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Timeless Truth Apple Stem Cell Mask Review

As I am now slipping down the slope to 30 I thought that it was about time that I started taking my skin care a tad more seriously! Once again The Bloggers Hub provided me with a fantastic opportunity.

I was very interested in the Timeless Truth Apple Stem Cell mask so I made my application and then the owner of the company got in touch to say that she would be delighted to send me one to try out! I feel at this point I must make an apology to her as I have had this mask for quite a while but thanks to a flare up of my adult acne (knew I would be punished for clear skin during my teens!) but now that it is under control I was desperate to try it.

Like the Korean Mask that I tested a little while back this is a sheet mask but this one is made from Bio-Cellulose instead of the regular cotton or paper. This is state of the art tech in the anti-aging and is very compatible with the skin and allows it to absorb the product as well as breath at the same time. Also this mask contains Apple Stem cells that are a lot like human stem cells. These come from a specific swiss apple, this combined with the marine collagen, encourage the skin to renew and repair its own collagen cells giving it a boost and rehydrating. 

When I opened the packet last night there was a lovely fresh slightly apple smell and the mask itself was very well saturated with the essence. Unfolding the mask was easier than with a paper or cotton one as the fabric is much tougher. It has a woven texture and felt amazing against me skin. I felt that I had better mask to skin contact with this mask as it was very pliable. I left the mask on for the maximum time recommended of 20 mins and when I removed it almost all of the essence had been absorbed into my skin leaving only a tiny amount left to rub in. This mask was so hydrating I wasn't running immediately for my moisturiser. My skin felt smooth, well hydrated and supple afterwards.

This mask retails for £7.90 each but there are options to buy a box of 5 for £38.50 so they are at the higher end of the market for masks they wont be in everyones price range, but if you had a special occasion coming up I feel that the benefits are worth the outlay. Timeless Truth have an amazing range of masks that are cheaper with the Fusion Series starting at £4.90 a treatment so there is something for everyone. You can browse their mask on their website by clicking here!

Once again a massive thank you to Timeless Truth for this opportunity!!!


Friday, 17 July 2015

Kandy Colors Double Duty Review

I have been on the outlook for a latex based glitter base and liquid tape since I was less than impressed with the NYC Strip Me Off Base which I reviewed a few months ago, so when having a flick through Instagram I see that Kandy Colors had released a latex base called Double Duty and they also said that it doubles up as a liquid tape for use around the nail when doing sponging or stamping.

I headed straight over to their website and ordered it and it was here within a couple of days which was fantastic service. It cost me £2.30 and 99p for shipping.When it arrived the first thing that I did was have a sniff as liquid latex is known for a bit of a fishy smell but surprisingly this product has a very slight oder. It also states on the website that it contains a low ammonia content and also non-toxic.

When applied it only takes moment to dry clear and this means it does not affect the colour or glitter applied on top. Removal is just as easy. I used an orange wood stick to ease it off and it basically came off in one go with no forcing at all and no damage to my nail bed! I also tried it around my nail and again application and removal was a piece of cake! Take a peek at my Instagram for a video showing for it applies and removed.

This product is available straight from Kandy Colors website and also check out their Instagram page as they keep you up to date with their latest Indie polishes!! 

lots of love

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips Review

I was really blown away when I applied to Doll White through The Bloggers Hub when their 14 day teeth whitening kit dropped through my letter box! 

The biggest selling point for my on these strips were the fact that they are non-peroxide. This means they much more gentle on your teeth than a peroxide based system.

So onto the strips! They come in the cutest packaging ever! It is clean and crisp and the black and white it really striking. Inside the box you get 14 packs contains the strips and they are packaged similar to black head removing strips! Once you in you have to flexible strips covered in the whitening gel. I have a video showing how I apply them just click here. You have to leave them on 30 minutes. They are comfortable to wear and they don't feel bulky or odd on your teeth at all.

Once the 30 minutes have elapsed it's time to remove them. My one and only annoyance is that some of the gel stays on your teeth, but I just take a mouthful of water and my toothbrush and very very gently in a circular motion remove it. These strips have a very mild mint flavour and your teeth feel extremely clean after you have used them and I love that feeling!

In the time I've been using these strips my teeth have gone from this to this 

Even after one strip I seen a difference so fab if you have an important event coming up I am amazed by the results. This was far better than when i once had them whitened in a salon. This pack retails for £19.99 direct from Doll White which compared to getting them done at your dentist or a beauty salon is a massively cheaper option and in my opinion better results. They also do 28, 42 and 56 days worth of strips. I will be recommending these to all my friends and anyone who is looking for the whiter smile of their dreams! 

I just want to say a massive thank you to Doll White for this opportunity to try their amazing effective product!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Korean Sheet Mask Review

When it comes to sheet face masks the Koreans are at the for front! I got chatting to the_lacquerati on Facebook and she so kindly offered to send me one to try out.

The one that she sent me was from MJ Care and was the Daily Dewy Bee Venom Sheet Mask. My first thought was "Bee Venom really?!?!?" But on doing some research it is fast becoming the sort after ingredient in beauty. The Bee venom tricks the body into thinking you have been strung and increases blood flow to the top layers of the skin. This is clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin improving the appearance of wrinkles. It also has been clinically proven to reduce the effects of menopause on the face.

The mask is also packed with jojoba, aloe and witch hazel and these are all fab at hydrating the skin and killing the bacteria that are the main causes of acne and black heads. So all in all this mask was perfect for my combination acne prone skin.

The mask was a tad tricky to unfold but it is made from 100% cotton so it is quite robust and I didn't tear it with my clumsy hands! I cleansed my face and applied the mask and left it in place for 20 minute. Once that time had elapsed it was suggested to me that I squeeze the remaining essence from the mask and massage this into the skin and allow to soak in to get the maximum effects from the mask.

(Above. The remaining essence squeezed from mask)

After wards my skin felt amazing!!!! Really plump and smooth and I have noticed that even in the few days that followed my skin continued to improve and I have noticed that a few spots I did have have reduced in size and from a single use this was amazing results.

These masks are available from sites such as eBay and Amazon. There is also a specialist Korean cosmetics website based here in the UK. I know that I will be stocking up on these as the quality and results have been astounding. 

Love ha
Nailpixi xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen Review

I received this pen as part of my prize for Grazia's Manicure Monday competition and loved it so much I thought I would let you guys know about it.

This pen normally retails for £14.00 direct from Nails Inc. It comes in a pen form much like an eyeliner and it twists from the bottom to release the product. To apply the oil it has a brush tip for precise application.

The oil itself is lavender scented and loaded with vitamin E which not only nourishes and hydrates your cuticle and nail bed but also promotes healthy nail growth. It is a very light oil and adsorbs very quickly and doesn't leave your fingers feeling like they have been dipped in an oil slick. The lavender scent is just powerful enough, if lavender isn't your thing, and does fade quickly once rubbed in.

Of all the cuticle oils I have used in the past few years this had to be one of my favourite ones I have used. The ease of application and also the stylish pen design makes it really easy to use and carry around with you. The only stumbling point I have is the price £14 for 1.6mls (0.054 fl oz) is a bit on the steep side. But giving the fact it's stacked full of premium ingredients and also the results I have seen in the improvement of my cuticle and also my nails are growing stronger I think this pen is worth the outlay.

Once this pens finishes I do think that I will re purchase as I would rather pay slightly more and use sparingly than have to lather it on constantly and re purchase more often.

Love ya

Friday, 29 May 2015

Winning Grazia Manicure Monday!!!

On Monday 5 May I did my normal Monday task and trolled through my last few nail art pics and tweeted it to Grazia with the hashtag Manicure Monday.

Now maybe for people out side of the nail circles on Twitter etc Manicure Monday might not mean so much to you than other than people tagging their nails pics with it, but no! Thanks to Grazia Manicure Monday is one of the most important hashtags of the week. Once they announce they are accepting entires there is a mad dash to get your picture posted before the 3pm deadline. They also offer a prize for winning which is £50 worth of Nails Inc goodies who co-host the competition. 

So as I said I popped my pic in Twitter feed and thought not much more about it. Later that evening I thought I would check their website and to my amazement I had been shortlisted to the top ten that the public can vote on to decide the winner. I hit my social networks and let it be known that I had done it and would really appreciate the votes if they thought that my design was worth it. Now voting is open until 5pm Tuesday with the winner being announced on Wednesday. I nervously checked the voting and I was 2 votes ahead of the other amazing designs but pessimistic me was just chuffed that I had a few votes. But later that night I had received more and I was getting a nice buffer to the next person. I went to bed with my fingers and toes crossed that it would stay that way!

I kept checking back thoughout the following day and my lead stayed and to my shock and bafflement I actually won!!!!! I couldn't believe it! To me it was such an honour just to be shortlisted for a competition run by a top fashion magazine but to win as well was just the icing on the cake! 

Grazia tweeted me on the Wednesday to say that I should DM them with my address and my prize would be sorted out and posted and just a few days later it was safely delivered to my door! Tearing into the package I was desperate to find out what was inside. Firstly there was a note in there from Nails Inc congratulating my and a beautiful paper wrapped reusable bag containing the goodies! I had known from others I'd spoken to who had won there would be nail care items and one polish. I was lucky enough to get the Vitamin E nail cuticle oil pen, Kensingnton Caviar 45 second top coat and base and the beautiful glitter polish Notting Hill Lane from the Luxe Boho collection!

So if you are a budding nail artist or really into it I highly recommend entering this competition as for one its a great source of ideas for future manis and two a fab way to get yourself noticed online if that is something you are after!! GOOD LUCK!!

Love ya
Nailpixi xx

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Nail Care

Our nails need as much looking after in the summer as they do in the winter so I have been scanning the interweb and have found some tips and tricks to give your summer manicures that's extra bit of love.

Something that has never crossed my mind before until I read an article on cosmopolitans website is that strong sunshine (fingers crossed for those in the UK!!!!!!) will bake your polish of choice onto your nails harder and this can lead to an increase in yellowing so pop an extra coat of base coat and this should provide and extra layer of protection from this happening.

As with the rest of our bodies the skin on our hands burn too! So ensure that you are reapplying to your hands as often as you do the rest of your body. The skin on your hands is thinner on the backs like under your eyes or tops of your feet and it ages with the sun just like on your face so if your taking care with your face to keep it as young looking as possible then don't give the game away with your hands!! 

As in winter moisture is as important in summer too. Dry cuticles will make even the most amazing manicure look dull. I have been using Nails Inc Vitamin E cuticle oil pen and it makes application so much easier and also smells of lavender (personal fav!) and the change in my cuticles has been brilliant. I have also been placing it under my nail tip and I have noticed a marked difference in the dry skin I have around my nail tip from using acetone. 

I recently was away from home and was dreading having to take all my nail stuff with my and also chipping or even breakages while away from home. I took the dive and put back on my UV gels, which I have been trying to refrain from and grow my own nails, it was a decision than worked out great. Not only did I not have to worry about chipping but they stood up to packing and unpacking but being in the pool and all the other things that come along with being on holiday. Came back and removed them and thanks to my Duri they are as if the gels had never been on so very happy pixi!! 

So dig out the neons and enjoy your summer with nails that will keep up with you whatever you do! 

Love ya
Nailpixi xx

Friday, 24 April 2015

Incredible Nail Designs in the blink of an eye?!?!?!

I had always thought that the only was to create amazing designs on my nails was to freehand paint it. I struggled for ages trying to get straight lines, even chevrons and making anything look like it did in real life. It was so frustrating doing and re-doing nails until I was sort of happy with them. That was until I came across the secret tricks of the nail artist!

I mean dont get me wrong there are guys out there who are the most amazing freeHand painters Robin Moses being one of them! But for me, a mere muggle!, how was I going to recreate some of my favourite designs with my shaky hands!

So I took to google to see if there was a way that I could and I stumbled across a number of websites selling all sorts of bit and bobs to help you have amazing nails without the need of a art degree and I thought I would share some of them with you.

Rhinestones and other form of 3D accessories are a quick and simple was of jazzing up any manicure. Once you base coat of choice has completely dried a blob of either top coat or nail glue and place on the accessory of your choice on and bobs your uncle you can have a 3D manicure in no time. When if comes to removing them it makes it easier if you dont top coat them and a cotton bud soaked in acetone and press it around the piece and it will slowly ease off and the best part they can be used again! Charlies Nail Art have a fantastic range

Stickers, stencils and water decals were the next thing that I decided to give a try. Stickers work in the same fashion as the 3D nail art. Once you base coat has dried then peel them off the backing paper and place them on the nail of choice. These may need trimming and I also find it useful to use tweezers to pick and place so that the natural oils on your fingers dont reduce the stickiness. These can be top coats over and will easily remove when you come to change you manicure. Stencils are placed over a base colour or in a new trend bare nails and painted over to reveal the chosen design and removed with tweezers before the nail polish has dried to ensure a clean removal. She Sell Seashells have to make my favourite stencils the material is very high quality but the price reasonable. Finally water decals. They are similar to nail stickers but their glue is warm water activated. Cut around you decal of choice and place it into water for 5-10 seconds then gently slid it off the backing paper and place onto your nail. I find a cotton bud helps to remove the excess water and placement. Again top coat and bingo and basic nail polish remover takes them off.

My latest investment has been into nail stamping! This has opened the door to an amazing new world of designs and techniques to explore. Stamping does require a few basic tools before you begin these are a stamper and a scraper. There are quite a few available so I would do my research for jumping in to your purchase. I have found success with a very squishy (yes nail tech term!!) rectangular stamper but before I found this one I tried one from Konad and also a slightly softer round one and for my nails and ability the rectangular one suited me. Rainbow Connection have made the Creative Stamper available here in the UK and it is getting fantastic reviews all over facebook and blogs. Now the basic scraper that comes with the Konad kits has a metal edge and I found that this was scratching my plates so I have switched to a trusty old gift card and this has been helping alot with the distribution of the polish. Moyou do sells packs of card like scrapers and they seemed favoured by most stampers. Once you have got the necessary tools then you are free to chose from the thousands of plates that are available!! And when I say thousands I am not exaggerating!!! You can spend as much or as little as you like there are fantastic plate bundles for sale on eBay and Amazon and they work perfectly well but by far my favs are the plates from MoYou London. Their plates are just amazing I have never had an image fail to transfer even when I was starting out. I could be here all day listing my favs but you would be incredibly bored by then but I urge you just to take a peek at their website and just fall head over heels! I have a post coming up about the vary array of techniques but I feel a bit more practise is in order before I prattle on about it!!

Love ya

Monday, 13 April 2015

Duri Rejuvacoat 1 Nail Strengthner

We are all on the search for the perfect nails strong healthy and able to put up with the strain of daily life without breaking at the first coke can! But with so many products out there that claim to do one thing or another for our precious talons how are we to decide which to take a dive with!

I have been suckered into buying far too many nail strenghtners without really thinking what it was that my nails needed. Sally Hansen Triple Shine protectorNail Tek for peeling nails, Essie grow stronger but it was my latest purchase, Duri Rejuvacoat 1, Im falling head over heels for.

Dont get me wrong all the ones mentioned above are great at doing what they say they are going to do, but once I sat down and really did some research and spoke to others in the same boat that I became aware of Duri. As it isnt readily available in your local drug store or beauty counter it was a brand that I had never heard about. I was talking to some girls over on Nails and Natter on Facebook when it was mentioned that for people who use acrylics or gels on a regular basis and want a break then this was the stuff to try.

I had been getting ok results with Essie Grow Stronger but there was always an issue with my nails breaking at the corners so I would just bang on another set gels and forget about it. Recently Ive been scanning Instagram and it seems to me that natural nails are so now and I decided to join them!

I have been using Duri for 3 weeks now and I am really noticing a big difference. My nails are not only growing nicely but they are growing straighter that before and no peeling or breaking since I stated the treatment. There are no signs of the damage from applying and removing my gels and Duri is a fantastic base for my nail art casuing no srinkage when I use it as a top coat too. Below is a picture of them 3 weeks ago after the first application and a picture of them now and Im blown away with the results so far.



I never thought that I would be able to comfortable enough with my natural nails to put away my gels but if these results continue I may be converted to natural forever!!!

Love ya
Nailpixi x

A £1 Night Serum Is It Any Good??????

I was having a gander down the beauty aisles of my local poundworld looking for any nail polish bargains to be had when I happened to glance further along and I noticed they had an Argan Oil range so I thought I would have a butchers.

They had quite a big selection from facial wipe to hand cream when I noticed they had a night serum, something that I have been after since my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair ran out. We had just booked a holiday so that bad boy was a tad out of budget! So what the hay it was only a quid and any results would be a bonus!!

It comes in very similar packaging to the Estee Lauder, the dark brown bottle with the dropper top. It smells amazing and has a light texture as with someone with oily/combination skin this is a must if I am to avoid any face demons!

The instrusctions say to use serveral drops on cleansed skin at night so I cleaned my face with my Nivea Cleanse and Tone and took 5 drops on to my hand and gently patted it onto my face ( a trick picked up by the amazing Michelle Phan!) and it adsorbed right away no stickiness at all! So i moisturised and off to beddy I went! I  woke up in the morning and was amazed by the results! No extra oiliness and my skin did feel a lot smoother than when I dont use the serum.

7 days in and I am seeing real results. I had a tad of rosaica on my cheeks and that is fading and no new break outs since I have been using it. I would say at this stage that I am really impressed with my £1 discovery which I wasnt expecting to be because at £1 you dont expect the top end ingredients but should these results contine I will be a complete convert from my Estee Lauder!

Im now 6 weeks into using this serum and I am still seeing improvments!! A reduction in the frequency of break outs and also I have also noticed that my pore size around my nose has reduced. So all in all for £1 this serum is definately worth a punt it can easily stand up there with the big boys and leave more pennies in the pot for nail polish and what nail addict can argue with that!!

Love ya!
Nailpixi xxx

Saturday, 31 January 2015

More than just fancy nails!

I have been thinking for a while that I should use my tiny part of the internet to not nail relateed posts but lifestyle things too. Whenever I sat down to write these kinds of posts I would delete it as soon as I had finished feeling like it wasnt something that people would like to read but this is my blog and thanks to a couple of women on the All Things Nails facebook page Ive decided to go for it!

So from now on this will be a place for me and you to discuss all matter of things! Beauty tips and tricks, lifes ups and downs, kids ups and downs! and of course my unhealthy addidtion to all things nails!!

This week was brilliant as Models Own have began their 50% off sale using the code HALFPRICE. So natually it would be rude not to uptake on this offer! So I have 11 Polishes winging their way to me any day now including a couple of the new Chrome Colour collection. From what I have read on other blogs they are lush for wearing and also good for stamping so chomping at the bit to have a go! Also this week I have bought 2 triple shine Sally Hansen jelly polishes, a set of acylic paints and 10 new stamping plates OOPPPPSSSS!!!!! So guess who is now on a no buy!

I have been testing a new night serum from Poundworld of all places. It containes argan oil so I will give you a proper review on that in a few weeks but heres hoping that for only £1 there are reasonable results!

I have a post Im working on at the moment about instant nail art just need to do a few piccys and that will be up this week.