Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Do I Really Need Fancy Tools to Make My Nails Look Amazinng??????????

In short NO!! Everyone loves their nails looking like they just stepped out of the salon but what if you fancy saving your pennies and having a go yourself. Fear not my little pixies I have scoured the internet to bring together a few tips and tricks to save you buying a full set of nail art brushes and dotting tools.

Firstly the beloved dotting tool! Now yes Ok you can pick these up fairly cheaply on eBay or Amazon but if you are just starting out or the inspiration suddenly hits what are you to do?? Get up and go to your dresser drawer or being honest in my case the bottom of your purse and you will find  your saviour! The bug basic Bobby Pin will do the trick perfectly. Take the open end and pull them apart so it seperates and Bobs yours uncle you have something that will do doticures and pick up rhinestones perfectly!

If you pop nail art brushes into Google you will be greeted with a vast variety of types and sets but if you are just after a couple to being with get yourself down to a craft or model shop. They sell brushes indivually and cheaper than you will get online for a set that you are only ever going to use 1 or 2 of. The other thing that you can do with these is cutomise them to suit your need. A sharp pair of scissors or a pair of cuticle nippers (yes not their intended use but who can honestly say they have never reached for them in a time of need to nip a thread here or there!) Simply and carefully trim the bristles to the desired shape or length.

While on the topic of brushes they key to a long life of many manicures is care. These brushes will take more of a battering than your make brushes so they will require just as much attention. Their main enemy will be the acetone in nail polish remover to get the polish out of them from your latest masterpiece. Once I am complete and they are free of nail polish I rinse them in warm soapy water, taking care not to get any in the ferrel (the metal part holding on the bristles). Once I have done that I will squeeze any remaining water out, reshape and dry flat.

If all else fails and you are stuck with a design in mind and no means of getting it from there onto your nails there is one final thing that will double up as a dotting tool and brush in a pinch. It is the humble yet versitile tooth pick! They will make lovely dots by simply placing them in the colour of choice and dabbing onto your nail. To use them as a brush load them up with polish and quickly dot them into the shape required. It make take a couple of goes to get the opqueness you want but the lines will be just as good as if done by a brush!


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winter Nail & Hand Care

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! That lovely time of year is upon us with we crank up the heating and wrap up like the proverbial Christmas turkey! Joking aside this time of years takes a massive toll on our presious talons so they need extra love and care to keep them in tip top shape for all the festives manis and parties!

MOSTIURE!!! This is the most important thing that is one taking away and two needs replacing. To help replace this there are a few things that you can do.

Cuticles need moisure as much as the skin on your hands do. This can be either a cuticle oil or balm, but in a pinch you can use your favourite lip balm or even bog standard olive oil will do this trick. Don't be sparing with this precious stuff. Keep a stash where ever you are going to be and apply as often as you remember.

Hand cream is another thing not to be leaving the house without this time of year. Keep a travel size in your handbag and apply liberally as much as possible and especially after washing your hands. If you hands do take a battering during the day with work etc you can treat your hand to deep mositurzing session. Place your hands in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes. Gently dab them dry and lather them in a rich hand and nails cream. Put on a pair of soft cotton gloves and leave them to soak up all that goodness for a hour or overnight if they are really bad and you will wake up to lovely soft and greatful hands! Your feet with also thank you for the same treatment and they will look fab in those peep toe heels you've been saving for the Christmas party!

There is no point in all this love if you forget the one thing that will protect your hands when out and about present shopping. It's just a simple pair of gloves! They protect your hand from the harsh winds and biting cold we all hate but yet secretly love!

Hope this helps you have amazing hands and toes this festive season!!

Nailpixi x
Sprinkling a bit of pixi dust to your day!!