Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Missing in Polish!!

Wow! Its been such a long time since i posted! Well a lot has happened!!! Slipped disc and polishes being kept on the floor do not mix well! I have also been stuck in bed and have you any idea how hard it is to keep steady in a soft comfy beddy!!

Well I am on the mend now and I have rearrange my stuff and I am now going to be able to post little vids as well as more detailed pictures which I am really happy about. I have also been seeing my therapist again (Shout out to all the guys and girls suffering from depression, anxiety and low self esteem!) and my confidence is building and I feel better to try more advanced stuff and share it with you guys!

I have become a member of the most amazing group on facebook called Destash Swap. The guys on there have been great and also there is none of the bitchieness that comes with other sites. (I hope Becky doesn't mind the shout out!) They all have different skills, tips and knowledge and more than happy to share.

I have been doing some bits and pieces as you can see but nothing like I'm practicing!

Its nice to get my mojo back and get back on top of things so heres to no more pain and some fabulous nails!! Also to catch up on my latest nails and regular pics check out my Instagram nailpixi and on twitter @nailpixi

Love ya!!