Monday, 9 June 2014

Perfecting the Basics ;)

With all the mind blowing nail artists out there, it's natural that you are all dying to have a go! But if your just starting out with nails and polish it can all seem a bit confusing!

Base coat, nail strenghtener, nail polish, gel polish, glitters, holographic, foils, beads, stamping, acrylic, extensions, top coats, speed dry drops the list is endless of all the fun things you can dive into. But like anything it's all about the boring basics. Crack them and you will be best friends with your nails for life.

You have been graced with ten little canvas in which the world if your oyster but caring for them is of the up most important.  

So let's strip things back to the beginning..........................................

My golden rule is that my nails are jewels not tools!! Dont go prying things open with them or stab them into things! Youll only end up with broken, split nails and they aint pretty not matter how much to file them!

Now I going to go through my basic manicure routine. This wont be the same as everyone elses but it works for my nails. Your nails have a type just like your skin and hair and you need to treat them accordingly. Mine are dry and prone to flaking off layers.

I start my manicure with removing the old polish. I use Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover 99p. This is a basic acetone based remover so I go careful not to have it in contact with my nails for too long. Next I take my CND Essentials CuticleAway cuticle remover and apply this to every nail (one hand at a time!) leave for about a minute then gently push them back with a hoof stick or a orangewood stick. I picked all these things up on Ebay or your local Boots.

Once you have done both hands I wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water, once completely dry my next step is filing.

Filing is something that you take a lot of time over to ensure that you dont do any damage. Files come in a variety of different grits. The lower the number the courser the file will be. My favourite is a 100/180 so you have a rougher side and a side for smoothing. Always keep your fiing in one direction so either left to right across the free edge or vise versa. Try to avoid any filing across the nail plate (anything below the top edge) as this will take away layers from your nails and make them very thin and can also cause sensitivity which  no body wants!! Now once I get to the length that i like I start shaping. My natural nail shape is squoval (square with rounded edges) on my thumb and index and square on the reminding three. I normally just square off the thumb and index but on occasion I have had almond (pointed) so check me!! Im down with the cool kids!!

Once you are happy with how things are looking and you are all ready to go with your next beautiful manicure! A lashing of cuticle oil and hand cream and you are DONE! Like I said at the beginning and way to go to you  on getting to the end this is how i do it and everytime that I change my manicure. Others will have more steps or less steps but this works for me and i hope it helps you get the better out of your routine.

Love u all and happy polishing!!
Nailpixi xxx