Saturday, 31 May 2014

Who am I??????

Right I have been dancing around this idea for a while and I have found myself with more time on my hands and thought here goes nothing!!!

I have been interested in nails since I stoppped biting them 15 years ago! With the introduction of google, you tube and laterly instagram my mind was blown away with the creativity out there! Now Im not the most artistic person to ever grace this planet but I found with nail art that you dont have to be, even the most simple thing can enhance a design. I think that is why I obsess over my nails, I can take a couple of colours and a tooth pick a BANG you've got a polka dot design in the blink of an eye.

A couple of years ago I taught myself to do my own UV gel extentions. The first few sets I did were awful to say the least but now I feel like I can do an ok job. I love it when I am paying for things in shops or handing over things and people stop in their tracks to have a look at your nails and ask all sorts of questions on how you do them and was it easy and the commest question of all How do you do that on your oppostie hand?????????????? It seems like voodoo to some people and to be honest its never something that I have struggled with. Yeah my right hand isnt as crisp sometimes as the left but when I photographing them I never show them!! So no one will ever know!!

Im not going to promise to show you the most amazing nail art ever known to man but what I do want to do is just how the simplist touches and every day tools can give you nails that will stop people in their tracks!

And Finally Its Cool to be Square!!