Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Do I Really Need Fancy Tools to Make My Nails Look Amazinng??????????

In short NO!! Everyone loves their nails looking like they just stepped out of the salon but what if you fancy saving your pennies and having a go yourself. Fear not my little pixies I have scoured the internet to bring together a few tips and tricks to save you buying a full set of nail art brushes and dotting tools.

Firstly the beloved dotting tool! Now yes Ok you can pick these up fairly cheaply on eBay or Amazon but if you are just starting out or the inspiration suddenly hits what are you to do?? Get up and go to your dresser drawer or being honest in my case the bottom of your purse and you will find  your saviour! The bug basic Bobby Pin will do the trick perfectly. Take the open end and pull them apart so it seperates and Bobs yours uncle you have something that will do doticures and pick up rhinestones perfectly!

If you pop nail art brushes into Google you will be greeted with a vast variety of types and sets but if you are just after a couple to being with get yourself down to a craft or model shop. They sell brushes indivually and cheaper than you will get online for a set that you are only ever going to use 1 or 2 of. The other thing that you can do with these is cutomise them to suit your need. A sharp pair of scissors or a pair of cuticle nippers (yes not their intended use but who can honestly say they have never reached for them in a time of need to nip a thread here or there!) Simply and carefully trim the bristles to the desired shape or length.

While on the topic of brushes they key to a long life of many manicures is care. These brushes will take more of a battering than your make brushes so they will require just as much attention. Their main enemy will be the acetone in nail polish remover to get the polish out of them from your latest masterpiece. Once I am complete and they are free of nail polish I rinse them in warm soapy water, taking care not to get any in the ferrel (the metal part holding on the bristles). Once I have done that I will squeeze any remaining water out, reshape and dry flat.

If all else fails and you are stuck with a design in mind and no means of getting it from there onto your nails there is one final thing that will double up as a dotting tool and brush in a pinch. It is the humble yet versitile tooth pick! They will make lovely dots by simply placing them in the colour of choice and dabbing onto your nail. To use them as a brush load them up with polish and quickly dot them into the shape required. It make take a couple of goes to get the opqueness you want but the lines will be just as good as if done by a brush!


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winter Nail & Hand Care

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! That lovely time of year is upon us with we crank up the heating and wrap up like the proverbial Christmas turkey! Joking aside this time of years takes a massive toll on our presious talons so they need extra love and care to keep them in tip top shape for all the festives manis and parties!

MOSTIURE!!! This is the most important thing that is one taking away and two needs replacing. To help replace this there are a few things that you can do.

Cuticles need moisure as much as the skin on your hands do. This can be either a cuticle oil or balm, but in a pinch you can use your favourite lip balm or even bog standard olive oil will do this trick. Don't be sparing with this precious stuff. Keep a stash where ever you are going to be and apply as often as you remember.

Hand cream is another thing not to be leaving the house without this time of year. Keep a travel size in your handbag and apply liberally as much as possible and especially after washing your hands. If you hands do take a battering during the day with work etc you can treat your hand to deep mositurzing session. Place your hands in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes. Gently dab them dry and lather them in a rich hand and nails cream. Put on a pair of soft cotton gloves and leave them to soak up all that goodness for a hour or overnight if they are really bad and you will wake up to lovely soft and greatful hands! Your feet with also thank you for the same treatment and they will look fab in those peep toe heels you've been saving for the Christmas party!

There is no point in all this love if you forget the one thing that will protect your hands when out and about present shopping. It's just a simple pair of gloves! They protect your hand from the harsh winds and biting cold we all hate but yet secretly love!

Hope this helps you have amazing hands and toes this festive season!!

Nailpixi x
Sprinkling a bit of pixi dust to your day!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Burst my You Tube Cherry!!!

I have finally took the plunge and set up a You Tube channel! I have posted 2 vid so far one a short introduction (testing my editing skills!!) and the other is a quick guide to painting you nails. Hopefully you'll check them out and as my skills improve so will the quaility of the vids!!

My next video in the making is a teal and nude gradient with accent nail. This one will show off the skills of the NYC Peelable base as a cheaper Liquid Palisade!

To check out my tutorial Click Here

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NYC "Strip Me Off" Peelable Base Coat Review

NYC have recently released a peelable glitter base coat called "Strip Me Off". I got my hands on it to see how well it works. These kinds of bases have become more and more widely available with OPI's Glitter Off being the most noteable. I love glitter polish but hate taking it off so was so excited when it arrived!

The first thing that struck me about this product was how much that smell reminded me of PVA glue from school. This is essentially what the base of the product is.

So to test this stuff out I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 100 Copper Penny.I put on my Essie Grow Stronger nail strenghtner to protect my natural nail. Then on one of my ring fingers I put on 1 coat of the NYC base and on the other 2 coats to compare how they removed. The product applies white and you have to wait till it dries clear before going for it with your glitter of choice!

I left it on as long as any nail-aholic can withstand so it was on for a total of about 2 days. The was no change into how the polish wore. There was no chipping or premature peeling which I was really impressed with. When it came to removing the manicure the trouble really began! I used my steel cutical pusher to get a bit of an edge before attempting to peel it all as expected, but to my horror only a tiny piece came away. So as a result of this I had to continue using the cuticle pusher with it only coming off in tiny pieces as you can see below. Also there was no difference in removal between the nail that had 2 coats to the one that had 1.

Even though this nail base let me down by not performing as it was supposed to all is not lost. I have been looking into getting "Liquid Palisade" to put around my nails when I do stamping or sponging but $22 compared to the £3.99 of NYC is a tad steep for something that I am only going to use tiny amounts of. So I thought that I would try the NYC for comparison. I painted it around my nail and with a pair of tweezers it peeled off beautifully!!

So overall the NYC Strip Me Off Base coat may not impress as it was intended it is a really cheap alternative to "Liquid Palisade" so all you nail artist out there get some now!!!

Love Ya!! x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Firework Nail Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to re create my latest design!

1.  Apply you base coat. For this I used Essie Grow Stronger. I love this stuff!!!! After a couple of uses my nails feel stregnthened and also it contains ingredients to promote healthy nail growth!

2. After this is dry put on 2-3 coats of a dark navy or black polish. I used Ciate 3am Girl which is a lovely deep navy and is opaque in 2 coats and allow to dry completely

3. For this design I used white acrylic paint to do the basic design and a fine line nail art brush to paint thin explosive looking lines. Using paint instead of  nail polish is much more forgiving as they don't dry as quickly and also if you happen to make a mistake then you can remove it from your nail with just a cotton wool pad and water. Also the white base for the design will help your colours pop against the dark background.

4.  Now to get colourful! Choose a variety of bright firework inspired colours. I chose neon pink, neon orange, gold, teal and electric purple. Using the same brush carefully paint over the lines that you have already created.

5.  Now you have done all the tricky parts all you have to do is allow the design to completely dry before apply a glittery top coat. I used Models Own Snow Fairy but any one will be fantastic!

And thats it! Not too complicated but really effective! I would love to see you recreations so tag me on Instagram @nailpixi or #nailpixi

Love Ya!!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween Nail Art!

We are well under way with a nail artist favourite time of year!! Nothing is off limits with halloween and then we have bonfire night and to top it all of the sparklyist time of year CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I absolutely love this time of year as you can really go to town and nothing is off limits!

So over the next few weeks I will be sharing the designs that I come up with and also show you how to re create a few yourself!

I know that Halloween is past with but there is always next year! I bought some almond shaped nail tips off Amazon and felt this was the best time to whack them on. I used a UV gel overlay to make these. I just not a fan of the smell of the acrylic liquid and find it really hard to do on myself so the self levelling gel is my go to.

I had been looking for weeks for designs that I wanted to do for Halloween and then on Instagram I seem Zoe from Zoella on You Tube with different designs on each nail and though this it what I would go with so here is the result.

I used a mixture of nail polish and acrylic paint to make the designs. I have just recently started using paint in my art and find it far more forgiving when it comes to more complex designs as it dries slower and using water to clean my brushes is making them last a lot better.

So as you can see there are a mixture of cobwebs, pumpkins and frankenstein but by far my favourite is this eyeball on my thumb. It came out really good and just the right amount of creepy.

By far this has been my most liked picture on Instagram and this was so overwhelming. I know that 60 likes is a drop in the ocean for most nail bloggers but it was an amazing feeling that my art was liked by so many people so just want to say a massive thank you to those who did!!

Right better be off these nails won't paint themselves you know

Nailpixi xxxx

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Missing in Polish!!

Wow! Its been such a long time since i posted! Well a lot has happened!!! Slipped disc and polishes being kept on the floor do not mix well! I have also been stuck in bed and have you any idea how hard it is to keep steady in a soft comfy beddy!!

Well I am on the mend now and I have rearrange my stuff and I am now going to be able to post little vids as well as more detailed pictures which I am really happy about. I have also been seeing my therapist again (Shout out to all the guys and girls suffering from depression, anxiety and low self esteem!) and my confidence is building and I feel better to try more advanced stuff and share it with you guys!

I have become a member of the most amazing group on facebook called Destash Swap. The guys on there have been great and also there is none of the bitchieness that comes with other sites. (I hope Becky doesn't mind the shout out!) They all have different skills, tips and knowledge and more than happy to share.

I have been doing some bits and pieces as you can see but nothing like I'm practicing!

Its nice to get my mojo back and get back on top of things so heres to no more pain and some fabulous nails!! Also to catch up on my latest nails and regular pics check out my Instagram nailpixi and on twitter @nailpixi

Love ya!!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Perfecting the Basics ;)

With all the mind blowing nail artists out there, it's natural that you are all dying to have a go! But if your just starting out with nails and polish it can all seem a bit confusing!

Base coat, nail strenghtener, nail polish, gel polish, glitters, holographic, foils, beads, stamping, acrylic, extensions, top coats, speed dry drops the list is endless of all the fun things you can dive into. But like anything it's all about the boring basics. Crack them and you will be best friends with your nails for life.

You have been graced with ten little canvas in which the world if your oyster but caring for them is of the up most important.  

So let's strip things back to the beginning..........................................

My golden rule is that my nails are jewels not tools!! Dont go prying things open with them or stab them into things! Youll only end up with broken, split nails and they aint pretty not matter how much to file them!

Now I going to go through my basic manicure routine. This wont be the same as everyone elses but it works for my nails. Your nails have a type just like your skin and hair and you need to treat them accordingly. Mine are dry and prone to flaking off layers.

I start my manicure with removing the old polish. I use Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover 99p. This is a basic acetone based remover so I go careful not to have it in contact with my nails for too long. Next I take my CND Essentials CuticleAway cuticle remover and apply this to every nail (one hand at a time!) leave for about a minute then gently push them back with a hoof stick or a orangewood stick. I picked all these things up on Ebay or your local Boots.

Once you have done both hands I wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water, once completely dry my next step is filing.

Filing is something that you take a lot of time over to ensure that you dont do any damage. Files come in a variety of different grits. The lower the number the courser the file will be. My favourite is a 100/180 so you have a rougher side and a side for smoothing. Always keep your fiing in one direction so either left to right across the free edge or vise versa. Try to avoid any filing across the nail plate (anything below the top edge) as this will take away layers from your nails and make them very thin and can also cause sensitivity which  no body wants!! Now once I get to the length that i like I start shaping. My natural nail shape is squoval (square with rounded edges) on my thumb and index and square on the reminding three. I normally just square off the thumb and index but on occasion I have had almond (pointed) so check me!! Im down with the cool kids!!

Once you are happy with how things are looking and you are all ready to go with your next beautiful manicure! A lashing of cuticle oil and hand cream and you are DONE! Like I said at the beginning and way to go to you  on getting to the end this is how i do it and everytime that I change my manicure. Others will have more steps or less steps but this works for me and i hope it helps you get the better out of your routine.

Love u all and happy polishing!!
Nailpixi xxx

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Who am I??????

Right I have been dancing around this idea for a while and I have found myself with more time on my hands and thought here goes nothing!!!

I have been interested in nails since I stoppped biting them 15 years ago! With the introduction of google, you tube and laterly instagram my mind was blown away with the creativity out there! Now Im not the most artistic person to ever grace this planet but I found with nail art that you dont have to be, even the most simple thing can enhance a design. I think that is why I obsess over my nails, I can take a couple of colours and a tooth pick a BANG you've got a polka dot design in the blink of an eye.

A couple of years ago I taught myself to do my own UV gel extentions. The first few sets I did were awful to say the least but now I feel like I can do an ok job. I love it when I am paying for things in shops or handing over things and people stop in their tracks to have a look at your nails and ask all sorts of questions on how you do them and was it easy and the commest question of all How do you do that on your oppostie hand?????????????? It seems like voodoo to some people and to be honest its never something that I have struggled with. Yeah my right hand isnt as crisp sometimes as the left but when I photographing them I never show them!! So no one will ever know!!

Im not going to promise to show you the most amazing nail art ever known to man but what I do want to do is just how the simplist touches and every day tools can give you nails that will stop people in their tracks!

And Finally Its Cool to be Square!!