Thursday, 19 October 2017

RCX Nails Review

I love it when I am randomly trolling through Twitter and I come across a new polish brand. Even better when they are looking for swatchers!! So naturally I put my hat in the ring and I was successful! (Sorry the novelty of being a swatcher is still amazing and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do it!) RCX nails are a 5 free, vegan friendly indie polish brand based out of West Yorkshire (a fellow Yorkshire polish junkie!!) and she has some beautiful polishes. I was sent Wicked and Land of Waterfalls. Wicked is coloushifting black holographic polish. It shifts from purple to green in differing lights and the holo sprakles like diamonds in the night sky! It retails for £3 which is an amazing price for such a beautiful polish.
Land Of Waterfalls is a turquoise blue linear holographic polish. On the website it says that it was inspired by the waterfalls in the Croation National Park and a quick google search can see why she was so inspired! I adored this one as blue is one of my favourite colours and the holo is the cherry on top of the cake! This also retails for £3 BARGAIN!!!
Both these polishes are opaque in 2 coats and remove in a jiffy! Rachel was also kind enough to let me have a discount code for all of us to use! It is NAILPIXI20 just enter it on her website. I loved the polishes I was sent and I’ll be using that code myself in the near future!! Love Ya Nailpixi X

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Prism Polish Review

I am on something of an Indie Polish quest at the moment and going through them as I can afford them! This time around it’s Prism Polish. Prism Polish is a UK based Indie Polish brand created by the very talented Suzie Stratton. The polishes are 5 free, vegan friendly and a broad spectrum of types from holographic to flakies to creams! This was another brand that I came across via Instagram and loved the look of them and she just happened to be running a competition on facebook to win a £5 voucher. I thought what the heck I’ll enter and let the chips fall where they may and I won!!! I headed straight over to her website and was greeted by beautiful nail accessories as well as polishes. After a lot of time trimming down my basket from all of them I setteled on just 2! (It would have been more if I had my way but thats the way it was!) The first polish I bought was Garda. This is a dazzling turquoise with purple/gold colour shifting flakes. It was opaque in 2 coats and ever before top coat had a beautiful shine. Sometimes flakies can be a bit stubborn to remove but this one came off a dream.
My second purchase was Beauty Fiend. It’s a deep raspberry red linear holographic polish, again this is opaque in 2 coats and catches the light like a diamond to reveal the gorgeous rainbow within.
Prism Polish has just released their Halloween collection and there are some real beauties definitely worth checking out. Also each month a charity polish is chosen and £1 from the 10ml bottles and 50p from the dickies is collected and sent to that months charity. This month, October, it is Guide Dogs For The Blind and the polish is Zero which is a blue toned grey with a green shimmer. I have adored wearing these polishes and it was a real struggle to bring myself to remove them and you can’t get much better than that!! Love Ya Nailpixi X

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Vegan Beauty Cosmetics

I first came across Vegan Beauty Cosmetics via Instagram in November 2016 when a post popped into my feed looking for snatchers and I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the swatchers packs Effina was offering. I was so excited this was going to be my first time swatching and the polishes that arrived were beautiful! There was 7 polishes included in the pack Princess (rosy pink, Emerald (iridescent green), Cindy (tealish blue), Burnt Rose (ruby red), Sapphire (royal blue), Royal (purple), Midnight (pewter black). They were all opaque in 2-3 coats and removed really easily. They all have a gorgeous shimmer and shine to them.
Vegan Beauty Cosmetics are committed to making non animal tested, 5 free polishes. Being 5 free means that they do not contain - Dibutyl Phthalate - Toulene - Formaldehehyde Resin - Camphor These chemicals have been linked to having negatived effects on the body and also some are considered carsonagenic. So not only are the fab to look at but they are fab for you too!! Fast forward to August 2017 and yet again I was lucky enough to get to swatch one of their latest collections Galaxy Like Glitters. This collections consists of 4 colour shifting glitters suspended in clear base. I would class them as glitter toppers and super high quality! There is Deep Space (purple, green & blues), Purple Haze (purple & blue), Fire 2.0 (orange & red) and Golden Earth (golds & green).
This was the first time that I had really consciously used 5 free Vegan nail polish and I'm not going to lie I was a tad skeptical but I had no need to be as they behave exactly as you would expect a standard mainstream polish. Vegan Beauty Cosmetics can be found here on Etsy and have added bath and mani bombs, which I have yet to try but are on the to buy list! So if you are looking for this type of polish or just polish mad like me you'll love them!! Love Ya Nailpixi *both swatching packs were sent out at a discounted rate and this post is in no way sponsored.

Friday, 24 March 2017

PS... Strong Nails Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a masssive part of my nail care routine and my all time fav used to be CND Solar Oil. It has an amazing smell and absorbs super quick, but it is a tad on the expensive side! So while I was in Primark a few weeks back I came across this one!

PS... Strong Nails is only £1 for 10mls (0.33 US FlOz) and if I am honest I wasnt expecting too much from this. It was mainly going to be a back up for when I ran out of Solar Oil, but I have been majorly proved wrong!! (I love it when a product does this!)

It doesn't have a smell as such but it , like Solar Oil, does absorb very quickly and doesn't have a greasy feel like some other cheaper oils that I have tried. I have noticed a dramatic change in not only the health and suppleness of my cuticles but it has kept true to it's word and has made my nails a lot stronger! Not to the point where they are brittle to the touch but they have a healthy look, feel and flexibility that they have never had before. Since I started using it I have had no major breaks (now Ive said that Ill be down to nubbins before you reach the end of this post!!)

Like I mentioned before it is only £1 and more than a match for the big boys out there! The next time I'm in Primark I will be stocking up on it (Sorry CND!)


Monday, 6 March 2017

Nice to be back 💗

Well guys and dolls I have returned from the depth of a pretty low time and Im back to bug your happiness! Things have not been easy of late but someone reminded me that there is no life without hope and I intend of living again!!

If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram then you are up to date with what has been going on and also that I have still been doing anything and everything with my nails that I can! Im not going to go into details but I am still waiting to hear about my operation and I'll leave it at that.

As far as nails go, I have been sporting a long almond shape and loving it. I have also been raiding my collections and may have made a few purchases too! (Ill have another post up about what I have been buying!)

I have also been using a new way of whitening my teeth. I have been using a activated charcoal and having some fab results but its still a work in progress and once I have been using it a bit longer Ill let you all know my finding. 

So as you can see I may not have been blogging but I still have a strong passion for all things nails and beauty and now that my mind is in a better place I'm going to start coming back into the world!

Keep em peeled


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What's in My Manicure Bag???

Any nail addict will have a set of manicure tools they hold very dear to their hearts and I am no exception!

Before I collected all my stuff into one pretty pink bag, it would take me ages to rummage through my stuff to find everything I needed as organisation is not my thing but now it's easy peasy!!

So there are 9 things that I consider are essential to keeping my nails in tip top condition and here they are.

Base & Top Coat : At the moment I am using OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base coat and it's really keeping my nails long and strong. For top coat I bought a set of 6 from a company called Beauty 4 Britain. I didn't hold out much hope but it's actually better than I thought,  nice and shiny and dries really quickly 

Cuticle Pusher: I have 2 of these one metal one and an orange wood stick. I use the orange wood stick to keep everything neat and tidy in between polish changes. The metal one is for when I use my CND CuticleAway to do a proper manicure which I do once a week.

Glass Nail File: I only got this a few months back and I adore it! It is easier on the nail plate and I have been able to keep my nails from splits and flaking since I've been using it so highly recommend getting yourself one of those!!

Cuticle Nippers: Purely for nipping off loose bits of skin that pop up with doing a full manicure. It can be tempting to over do it but you're in for a world of pain if you do!! So you have been warned!!

Nail Polish Thinner: If you read my post Crimes Against Nail Polish, you'll already be aware that this stuff is the only thing to use if you have a gloopy polish so I buy an big bottle and decant into this little one for ease use!

Clean Up Brush: Come on no ones perfect so this is for the times I take my eye off the ball!!

Polish Bottle Holder: I love this thing!! The shape of the top means that it will hold almost any shape of bottle (my top coat one doesn't fit! Typical!) and then when you're ready to swap hands you just squeeze the 2 tabs above the ring section and I pop off straight up! Not messing up your nails at all!!

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: I've spoken about this before in my March Favourites and Im still stuck to it like glue! It has a wonderfully fresh lemon smell and keeps my cuticle nice and soft! LOVE IT!!

So there you have it all the things that I consider to be essential to keeping my nails in tip top condition and if I dare say it I haven't had a breakage since I've been using this routinely (now I've said that they are going to snap one by one!!)

Don't forget I regularly post on my Instagram and I've been using there new 24 hour video feature to sort of vlog so you can keep up to date on there!!

Love Ya
Nailpixi X  

Friday, 8 July 2016

Happy To Be Back!!!!!!

As you may or may not have noticed there has been a massive gap between this post as the last about not being on here as much as most bloggers but after reading that post back I realised a few things.

I had a recent appointment with my pain consultant and he wasn't the bearer of good news that I hoped. He told me that I only had a 60% chance of being completely pain free in the next 3-4 years, so needless to say that was a kick in the metaphorical nuts! 

This shook me to the core and took my confidence completely. I mean who would want to hear from a disabled 29 year old mother of 2 when there are so many beautifully talented beauty bloggers out there who can review products regularly and do some breath taking photography. But it came to me a few days ago that this is my little part of the Internet and I shouldn't compare myself to others. 

So as you can see there have been a few changes around here. I'm still really passionate about nails, so Nailpixi is going to stay, but I also going to be blogging about make up things I have been learnings (some of my looks in the pic below) and keeping you posted on the progress I'm making with my recovery.

I'm not going to stress about stats or PR contacts I'm going to take a what will be will be approach. I started this blog to distract me from my real life but I think that accepting things and writing things down is going to help me process the situation! 

So there you have it Nailpixi is changing and you are very welcome to come along for the ride it's going to be an interesting one I can feel it!!

Love ya